Q & A with Papa Asun

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Q1. Hello Papa Asun, I simply want to know the difference between feelings and emotions. I feel I do, but I just want to be sure from the Ascended Masters’ comprehension. Thank you. Lois in Augusta, Georgia

Response: In the context that we use those words, feelings and emotions, first, having been in the duality matrix for millions of years, both feelings and emotions are stored in the feeling body or side of life and express from that place. Feelings are qualities of love. Emotions are qualities too, however they are qualities that are negative and part of fear. Through the daily use of the Violet Purifying Flames, we can have those emotions dissolved so that eventually only the qualities of love abide in our feeling side of life.

Q2. Beloved Asun, two questions: 1. Who was Master Germain in India? Krishna, Vishnu or anyone else we might know? 2. If there are infinite parallel realities, there must be at least one where we have perfect health and wealth. How do we jump into that reality? Love and blessings!

Response: Until our Beloved Great Master Germain reveals His Identity as to who He was when He came to your world 70,000 years ago, I cannot reveal who He was at that time, as it is up to the Master himself to reveal that information. Yes there are parallel realities, dimensions. The one reality where you have perfect health and abundance is the Realm where your own Mighty I AM God Presence abides. The only way your Earth bound self exists in paralell realities, is if you go to those realities, and the present unresurrected or unascended self cannot do that. However, you can visit those paralell realities in your Light Body or Higher Mental body however the Earth bound body usually does not remember such journeys until greater Resurrection unfolding in your present experience of self.

Q3. Hi Papa, a short and sweet question! The Name Yaweh, does it encompass Mother/Father God? Or does it mean the Being currently Sitting on the Throne of the Father in the Great Central Sun? Or does it refer to a particular Grand Cosmic Being? Or Is It the Sacred Geometry of God? Please Illumine my contemplation. Love,Your Grateful Daughter.

Response: The name Yaweh is the Hebrew name of God, used in the Bible. What would it encompass? That depends on the spiritual or religious understanding/beliefs of an individual. For all of you who are awake to the Polarity of God, of Life, the name would encompass the understanding of Mother/Father God, all That IS. The name is not the Sacred Geometry of God, there are several Sacred Geometries that encompass what we might refer to as GodSource, such as the Flower of Life Blueprint.

Q4. Dearest Papa, I don’t like to bother anyone but l have to ask, to help myself. Last Saturday l was seconds away from being in a head on accident with another vehicle, he was on the wrong side of the road and the driver of the vehicle l was in he managed to drive up the side of the bank and get us safely away from having a serious collision. Of course l know we weren’t alone help had to intervene, I did feel quite different afterwards more in control of controlling my actions. Since that happen two days later l have a lot emotion come up and cant understand why that had to happen. Am not ready to leave, but am finding things now feel like illusion. l ask for your help so l can understand and heal and get to where am going.
Love always, CB

Response: Well a combination of factors most likey kept you safe, and that is wonderful. Your Spiritual Practise, your Higher Mental Body, and the Angels may all have been involved in getting you through that experience safely. I would not approach this matter with the question as to why this had to happen, as it didn’t have to happen, its just one of millions of accidents that happen in the duality matrix, period. More important is you had protection, thank your Spiritual Path for that! It is natural you would experience different emotions, as that experience can leave you quite shaken up. This kind of experience leads one to be aware of how temporal this Earthly experience is and naturally does give one sensations of the illusion and unreal nature of the 3rd dimension. It will all pass Dear Heart, just focus on being grateful for the protection that was there.

Q5. Hello Asun, This past October, my Father, James Theodore Schultz, made his transition. In February, my Mother, Norma Jean Schultz made hers. On March 12, my Husband, Delbert Lloyd Phillips made his transition. I would like to know if they are in the Plains of Bliss, Shambhala or elsewhere. I pour my love and appreciation to them all.

Response: In accordance with the promise the Master Germain made, and Mother Akasha too, for those awakened to the Mighty I AM God Presence, when their relatives pass from this world, they are raised to Shambhala, completing the wheel of reincarnation. Yes Beloved, your family is in Shambhala. Stay close to your Spiritual Family…

Q6. My beloved Papa, as always I am grateful for your answers to our questions. Regarding March’s LTDC, I can’t thank you enough for speaking into the things you did, for yours and mother’s healing our feelings of not “fitting in”, of estrangement. I felt you were speaking of my life, and when the song “Creep” came on I just broke down and let it all go. I was a teenager when that song came out and loved it then as I do now, but now it has a different meaning. This subject was big for me Papa, so thank you for seeing this in us. I love you so much!

Response: You are very welcome Beloved, and you are well on your way to becoming ‘whole’ once again.

I love you all…