Akasha: The Metamorphosis Meditation

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Akasha: The Metamorphosis Meditation

Make yourself comfortable

[181212tolc_Part Three] Together we prepare to enter into a Metamorphosis Meditation.

“From deep within my being, I invite a quietness, a lovely peace, a stillness to well up within my body and brain. In preparation for visiting the Grand Cosmic Being that abides within me, the Only Begotten, I invite my God Self to rise and envelop my body in a cocoon of Metamorphosis.
My ‘Beloved I AM’ within, envelop my body for this meditation in your Sacred Tomb of Metamorphosis. As I enter into the Kingdom of God, I enter more deeply inside my Consciousness where my Grand Cosmic Being welcomes me. I find myself beginning to blend with the ‘Infinite I AM’ within me, and while this blending is beginning, I invite my endocrine system to manufacture and secrete into my bloodstream more advanced hormones, including the calibration hormones and the adjusting hormones and to begin to release the hormones of Metamorphosis.

To my beloved endocrine system, I say ‘yes’! I am willing and desiring to do this! To support my endocrine glands I invite a sheer wave of determination from the Magdalene Force of my feelings to rise up and greet my endocrine glands with a mighty wave of determination. Yes! I am willing that my endocrine system manufacture and secrete advanced hormones throughout my bloodstream and into the chemistry, the living matter of my physical body.

While this is occurring I invite a greater quietness and harmony through my body. I invite my Soul to release the Light of Its Life so it is flowing harmoniously once again through my body. While a greater stillness wells up through my body, I call upon my feelings to create such a strong desire in me for the Light of the Christ from my God Self within. I invite a harmonious flow of the Light of the Christ to rise up through my body and fill my entire brain and body with the Light of the Christ.

I welcome a deep peace, harmony, and stillness for the next few moments for the release of greater hormones, the release of the Light of my Life from my Soul, and the release of the Light of the Christ through my body. I enter into the total stillness now becoming one with the ‘Infinite Individualized I AM’, the Grand Cosmic Being that resides at the centre of my Consciousness. My body has begun its second birth. I hold the stillness now.

Silence for at least 10 minutes

I pour a blessing to the Individualized God Presence that abides within me, my True God Self. I pour my love, gratitude, and blessings from my Heart Flame for all the new vital energies and activities that come together for the second birth of my physical body transforming my body into a Temple of the Most High. I am eternally grateful.”

What is the ideal frequency of entering into these Meditations?

Mother Akasha says: “I will not always name the hormones. There are ‘protector hormones’, ‘defender hormones’, just as you have defender cells. Some of you have asked, “What do I do with the Practitioner Treatments and the Circle of God Meditations?” I would love to see you do one to two Metamorphosis Meditations a day, a couple of Practitioner Treatments a month, and a couple of Circle of God Meditations a month so you stay in touch with them.