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I’ve come across other spiritual academies over the years and RRA is the one I feel the deepest connection with. They are authentic. You can feel it and you just know. No one is trying to get your money

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Émission des Maîtres Ascensionnés : Dieu de l’Himalaya

Émission des Maîtres ascensionnés : Dieu de l’Himalaya, le 17 septembre 2021 Les Dieux des montagnes absorbent la Lumière cosmique et le pouvoir de l’Amour cosmique destiné à votre monde des suprêmes hauteurs de l’éternelle perfection afin d’aider à l’accomplissement

Masters Broadcasts Mother Akasha

The Ascended Master Broadcasts: Mother Akasha December 31, 2021 The Universal Laws Governing Mind and Heart Greetings Beloved Hearts of Love’s Eternal Presence. I, Mother Akasha, greet you from the Great Central Sun this day, New Year’s eve.

Masters Broadcast Beloved God Germain

The Ascended Master Broadcasts: Beloved God Germain January 7, 2022 Mighty God Germain, Mother Akasha, and The Christ hold an Unstoppable Victorious Vision for all humankind and Planet Earth Beloved Hearts of Love’s Eternal Presence, I, Master Germain,

The Power of Christ

Jesus the Christ Bring the Power of the Christ into your Daily Life Where you are in your evolution, anything that comes up in you, whether it is in your mind, body, feelings, or any appearance that tries to

Goddess Rose Decrees

Beloved Goddess Rose – New Decree December 19, 2021 | Masters Class “You know, we don’t battle evil; we just blaze the Sacred Fire Purity, and it’s annihilated.” So again, there is mass hypnotic control in the world,

Master Kuthumi Decrees

Master Kuthumi | New Decrees For our Planet, for all people embodied at this time, and for yourself and loved ones December 18, 2021 | Planetary Class In coming to you today, I have a great joyous surprise,

Master Kuthumi Part 1

Master Kuthumi (former World Teacher) | Part One December 18, 2021 | Planetary Class Master Kuthumi has a joyous surprise, a gift, for each of you Lord Kuthumi at your service, and I speak to you today

Master Kuthumi Part 2

Master Kuthumi (former World Teacher) | Part Two December 18, 2021 | Planetary Class Master Kuthumi has a joyous surprise, a gift, for each of you When Master Germain gained the momentum He needed to grow a

Letters to Mary Diehl Information

Letters to Mary Diehl Information: Thank you for reaching out to Beloved Mary during this very difficult time. Address: CRAWFORD COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY 2100 INDEPENDENCE DRIVE SAEGERTOWN, PA  16433 USA MARY DIEHL #21-1047 (write the name and the ID