Always safe if your Guard is up…

Categories: Reflections by Asun

Today let us reflect if your Guard is up or your Guard is down?

For example…. You are waiting to board your flight and you have 20-30 minutes of waiting time what will you do?
Guard down…read fashion magazines and board the aircraft?

Guard up….you could be sitting quietly while you are waiting to board calling upon your Mighty I AM God Presence, your Guardian Angels, your Ascended Master Sponsor and commune inwardly:

I am out in the world. I am about to get on an air craft….ALL SHIELDS UP! ALL SHIELD UP, Intensify all shields now and see that this embodiment is absolutely safe during my flight and while being out in this world.

o Intensify my Great Armour of Light
o Intensify Archangel Michael’s Wall of Cosmic Blue Flames
o Intensify the Pillar of the Sacred Fire.

I welcome the Holy Spirit from within to BE that magnificent God Filter in my lungs, in my senses that filters out anything that is in the air that I am breathing in.

You do have the time to keep yourselves safe, safe, safe at all times!

Haha, I am determined that you will have no time BUT your spirituality – even when you are working! In fact the more conscious you are of your spirituality, of your spiritual resources, while you are working is going to make you the most effective worker in whatever is that field of work that you are doing. Its going to make you better, not distract you.

How about when you’re in your vehicle? Decree:
Only God Is!, God is the governor of this Body!
God is the driver of this vehicle and EVERY vehicle, cyclist, pedestrian, person, animal, insect and force on the road.
Only God Is and…
I AM always God Safe!
I AM always God protected!
I AM always God prompted!
I AM always God receptive and!
I AM always God healthy!
Love, Praise and Gratitude, Glory and Grace to the Great God Presence within and to my Mighty I AM God Presence above that is the Source of my Life.

I AM always God receptive!”
For example:
There you go driving down the highway and there maybe danger coming down the highway – a drunk driver or whatever and your Presence, your Higher Discerning Intelligence has got to alert you right away that there’s danger….How does it do that? By suddenly prompting you.

It’s so fast and you just know you have to do it. It’s a feeling but it’s a knowing in your mind with a feeling – “Turn off! Turn off the road to in a different direction.”
So – I AM always God Prompted and I AM always God Receptive!

You are acknowledging the promptings and you are acknowledging that you are receptive when those promptings come so you can take action.

Love ya my Darlings…Papa Asun, you betcha, that’s me!