Conclaves and Covenants

Due to Government regulations regarding Covid, all of our large gathering events and their various locations are cancelled at this time. We have replaced all of them with monthly smaller weekend gatherings of up to 50 people held in Vancouver, BC. These events are available to everyone via Zoom registration.

Registration to attend Conclaves and Covenants is available in the Calendar area.

Discover and Connect with Your Great Spiritual Family

The Conclaves offer us an opportunity to withdraw from the outer world for 3 days and gather with a spiritual family that come to Conclave from around the world. It is a weekend we gather in the Divine Energies and Consciousness of our ‘Mighty Christ I AM Divinity’, and the Angelic and Ascended Host. Over the 3 days we are visited by up to 20 Ascended Masters who transmit their love and messages through the Messengers Usa and Excalibur. In between the enlightening messages we join in song, music, meditations and invocations, making Conclaves a World Class Event giving us an opportunity to join with our Spiritual Family and our Heavenly Host Family.

  • Have you ever wondered how it would be to walk and breathe in the Ascended Masters Realms?
  • Have you ever experienced amazing moments of Grace, Divine Love, Oneness and Dazzling Light?
  • Would you like to disconnect from the earthly demands of the outer world for a weekend, and be bathed and nurtured in the Love and Light of the Ascended and Angelic Host and your own Beloved Christ Presence?
  • Would you like to experience up to 20 Ascended Master Transmissions in a Sacred Setting?
  • Would you like to experience the ‘Music of the Higher Spheres’ from World Class Musicians and Singers?

The Five Conclaves as they unfold each year are:
The Resurrection Conclave, March, Vancouver, BC
The Radiant Rose Conclave, June, Edmonton, AB
The Diamond Heart Conclave, August, Montreal, QC
The Ascended Masters Conclave, October, Kent, UK
The Ascending Hearts Conclave, November, Vancouver, BC