Ascended Masters Conclave

Registration to attend the Ascended Masters Conclave is available in the Calendar area.

The Ascended Masters Conclave is the fourth of 5 Conclaves that occur each year, held in Kent, England, UK. Like all our Conclaves that are three-day settings, Conclave is a time to gather with Students from around the world in a Spiritual Retreat setting. For many, Conclave is a Soul Family gathering where Students travel in from five Continents to gather with others of the Radiant Rose Family.

Up to 20 Ascended Masters join us throughout the weekend, each one teaching and discoursing in accordance with the theme of Conclave. Each Conclave includes beautiful Music Presentations and Meditations. The Ascended Masters Conclave is held at the Ashford International Hotel in Kent, England and attending this Conclave is like stepping into another dimension, the tremendous Frequencies of Healing, the beautiful vibrations of Divine Love, the Sacred Fire, and the peaceful energies are just amazing, definitely not from this world. Once you attend a Conclave you will feel somehow touched by the hand of Grace and an inner Transformation unfolds.

In October of 2015, during the Sacred Event weekend in Kent, UK, presented by ‘The I AM Family of Light’ organization, Mother Akasha made a wonderful announcement. She announced that She was raising the UK event to Conclave Status. As of 2016, ‘The I AM Family of Light’ organization will produce and host ‘The Ascended Masters Conclave’. What a wonderful name Mother Akasha has chosen for this new Conclave because there are many Spiritual Groups in the UK, that will understand what this name refers to. Awakened and illumined individuals throughout the UK and Europe may feel attracted to attend this new Conclave and we welcome them.

When Beloved Akasha made the announcement, 2/3 of the Students jumped to their feet with thunderous applause of happiness and gratitude. With Mother Akasha explaining the importance of Conclave, the rest of the Students quickly understood how exciting and wonderful this news was.
For the latest information and the theme of the Ascended Masters Conclave please click on the link VIEW CONCLAVES IN CALENDAR or go directly to The I AM Family of Light website that takes bookings for this conclave: