Ascending Hearts Conclave

Ascending Hearts Conclave

Registration to attend the Ascending Hearts Conclave is available in the Calendar area.

The Ascending Hearts Conclave is the fifth of 5 Conclaves that occur each year, held in the Crystal City of Vancouver, British Columbia. Like all our Conclaves that are three-day settings, Conclave is a time to gather with Students from around the world in a Spiritual Retreat setting. For many, Conclave is a Soul Family gathering where Students travel in from five Continents to gather with others of the Radiant Rose Family

Up to 20 Ascended Masters join us throughout the weekend, each one teaching and discoursing in accordance with the theme of Conclave. Each Conclave includes beautiful Music Presentations and Meditations. Stepping into the Grand Hotel Vancouver Ballroom where the Ascending Hearts Conclave is held is like stepping into another dimension, the tremendous Frequencies of Healing, the beautiful vibrations of Divine Love, the Sacred Fire, and the peaceful energies are just amazing, definitely not from this world. Once you attend a Conclave you will feel somehow touched by the hand of Grace and an inner Transformation unfolds.

The Ascending Hearts Conclave is all about the great Raising Activity of Ascension. Great Cosmic Beings of our Spiritual Hierarchy deliver enlightening Discourses that include powerful Spiritual tools of Self-Mastery, Activations, Sacred Atonements and Geometries, Key Codes, Sacred Journeys, and Sacred Manna that relate to the important activities of the Ascension Process. They reveal how the Ascension begins the moment each of us awakens to our Divine Nature, likened to steeping into an elevator that is always lifting us into our next plateau of consciousness. This Ascension Process is greatly enhanced and quickened through the daily practice of our Spiritual Protocol, the study of Higher Knowledge and Universal Laws, right nutrition and supplementation that ensures the Ascension process is always unfolding and never delayed in our lives.

In every Conclave Discourse, Great Cosmic Beings come and offer Divine Intervention and the latest Ascension Tools in our daily lives; they offer us their Ascended Master Gifts and Jewels of Light, Ascension Keys and Frequencies, and means to shift and raise our energy into the highest vibration of Light and Love we can sustain each day.

Some of the Great Masters who come to Conclave include:
Lord Melchizedek, the Queen of Light, Sanat Kumara, the Goddess of Venus, Mighty Victory, Lord Maitreya, the Goddess of Light, the Jupiter Queens, as well as many others who are announced before each Conclave.

Their Ascended Master Discourses teach us how to consciously align with the Ascension Process, the Power of our Attention upon the Individualized Presence of Godsource, the ‘Mighty I AM’ and becoming One with our Presence. We welcome you to Conclave, an amazing and transformational weekend event that you will never forget!