Covenant with Maitreya

Registration to attend the Maitreya Covenant is available in the Calendar area.

A Himalayan Mystery School Weekend! Our Master Teacher this weekend, Lord Maitreya! Other Ascended Master Teachers include Mother Akasha, the Elohim and the Eloah, Avatars such as and Mighty Victory, the Immortals such as Apollo, the Arceus Arcaceus and Arcameus, and some of the Ascended Host such as Master Jesus, Mother Mary, and Master Germain. Students are asked to being our book ‘COVENANT’ with them in attending this event.

The Arceus are the Cosmic Architects of our Universe and the Ancient Creators of all Sacred Geometries. They come to restore, rebuild, and renew Sacred Geometries of the atomic structure of our bodies, of the very nature of our Consciousness and much more more!

Covenant, a Promise that cannot be broken! Long ago Covenants were set forth by Members of our Spiritual Hierarchy for the great awakening of the I AM Starseed, otherwise known as Humanity, and the birth of a new Golden Age upon our Planet. Our Seventh Golden Age began December 22, 2012, fulfilling Prophecies and Covenants made long ago. Great Star Beings from the Centre of our Universe known as the Great Central Sun, are now returning to fulfill Covenants made with us long ago.

There are 3 Covenants held each year, one in Los Angeles, CA, one in Calgary, AB and one in Syracuse, NY. Great Cosmic Beings from the Central Sun and the Ascended Host come to remind us of Covenants they made with us, and the time has come for the fulfillment of those Covenants.

Beloved Hearts of the Eternal Sun. Love sings the Song of the Holy Rose, and Mother Akasha is calling to you. Beloved Roses, Akasha speaks of the People of Earth, that their suffering will one day be their Triumph, and with some help from above, they must make their way home on their own. Yet for each of you who have heard the Call of the Rose, and with lifetimes of effort and awakening, a time for greater intervention and assistance in your lives has arrived.