Radiant Rose

Radiant Rose Conclave

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Welcome Beloved Rose Hearts, to Mother Akasha’s Radiant Rose Conclave held in Edmonton, AB, in June of every year. Mother Akasha feels the time has come to have an entire Conclave dedicated to Inner Spiritual Truth She is teaching in the Tree of Life Class, to bring forth the Practitioner in each of us. Meditation: the Connecting link between our outer life and our Inner Self, the Individualized Inner Presence of God.

In the Practitioner’s Meditation Treatments, we are opening the way for our True Self, the Inner Mighty ‘I AM’, the Individualization of God to emerge in each of us, setting aside our human consciousness, being raised up into our Christ Consciousness.

As we enter into the Great Great Silence of Unlimited Consciousness, and make contact with this ‘Inner I’, we come to rest in Christ Consciousness, receive the Christ Presence, making ourselves an Instrument for the Christ to function in and through us, and eventually, ultimately, as our Transformed New Self.

In the Practitioner’s Treatment, we open the way for the Spirit of God, the Light of the World, the Christ Consciousness that knows only Perfection, to express in our lives. The Radiant Rose Conclave will open the way for more of the Ascended Host to come forth and assist us in this most Sacred of Soul Journey’s.

The Radiant Rose Conclave is the second of 5 Conclaves that occur each year, held in the beautiful Rose City of Edmonton, Alberta. Like all our Conclaves that are three-day settings, Conclave is a time to gather with Students from around the world in a Spiritual Retreat setting. For many, Conclave is a Soul Family gathering where Students travel in from five Continents to gather with others of the Radiant Rose Family.

Up to 20 Ascended Masters join us throughout the weekend, each one teaching and discoursing in accordance with the theme of Conclave. Each Conclave includes beautiful Music Presentations and Meditations. Stepping into the ballroom where the Conclaves are held is like stepping into another dimension, the tremendous Frequencies of Healing, the beautiful vibrations of Divine Love, the Sacred Fire, and the peaceful energies are just amazing, definitely not from this world. Once you attend a Conclave you will feel somehow touched by the hand of Grace and an inner Transformation unfolds.