Events Information


Month Date Location Event Title
Jan. 13-15 Vancouver A Weekend with Akasha and Asun
20-22 Edmonton Compassion and Healing
Feb. 10-12 Los Angeles Covenant with Lord Maitreya
March 10-12 Vancouver Resurrection Conclave Healing Chamber
April 7-9 Saskatoon Delphi, our Oracle of Truth
21-23 Toronto Door to Everything, “Making Contact”
May 5-7 Calgary Covenant with Akasha ¬†“Passport to God”
26-28 Salt Lake City The Ascended Masters Earth Council
June 9-11 Edmonton Radiant Rose Conclave
July 21-23 Mount Shasta Gathering of the Magi
August 18-20 Montreal The Diamond Heart Conclave
Sept. 8-10 Calgary Living the Wonderful Truth about You
22-24 Syracuse, NY Covenant with the Masters
Oct. 6-8 Kent, UK The Ascended Masters Conclave
Nov. 10-12 Vancouver The Ascending Hearts Conclave
Dec. 16-17 Vancouver Christmas with the Masters