Events Information

2022 Weekend Events

Weekend Event Schedule: Saturday: 10am to 3:30pm | Sunday: 10am to 3:30pm
*Dates are subject to change. Check back for updates or check your newsletters for announcements.

Month Date 2022 Location Event Title
Jan 15-16 Vancouver The Soul Covenant
Feb. 12-13 Vancouver The Christ Covenant
March 12-13 Vancouver The Untouchables Covenant
April 9-10 Vancouver Arc of the Covenant, Masters Transmissions
May 14-15 Vancouver Reclaim Your Torch! Part One
Become Beings of Cause once again!
June 11-12 Vancouver Reclaim Your Torch! Part Two
Become Beings of Cause once again!
July 9-10 Vancouver
August 13-14 Vancouver
Sept. 10-11 Vancouver
Oct. 15-16 Vancouver
Nov. 5-6 Vancouver
Dec. 10-11 Vancouver Christmas…

2022 Classes

Living the Dream Class Planetary Class Masters Class Tree of Life
10am-11:30am | 12:30pm-2pm
Jan 29 Jan 29: Mighty Helios,  Goddess Himalaya Jan 30:  Master Great Germain,  Mother Akasha | Papa Asun,  Jesus Christ Jan: (5th changed to 10th), 12,19,26
Feb 26 Feb 26: Beloved Oromasis,  Goddess of Venus Feb 27: Goddess Rose, Mother Akasha | Papa Asun,  Mary Magdalene Feb: 2,9,16,23
March 26 March 26: Mother Vesta,  Mighty Orion March 27: Mighty Victory,  Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Siddhartha Buddha March: 2,9,16,23
Apr 23 April 23: Goddess Virgo, God of Gold Apr 24: Beloved Christ and Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Serapis Bey April: 6,13,20,17
May 28 May 28: Goddess Akasha  Rose, Eloah Victoria May 29: Mother Mary, Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Lady Nada May: 4,11,18,25
June 25 June 25: Elohim Purity,  Mother Meta June 26: Elohim Hercules, Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Lord El Morya June: 1,8,15,22
July 23 July 23: God Tabor, God Meru July 24: Eloah Amazonia,  Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Beloved Leto July: 6,13,20,27
Aug 27 Aug 27: Mighty Neptune,  Sanat Kumara Aug 28: Lord Maitreya, Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Archangel Michael August: 10,17,24,31
Sept 24 Sept 24: Lord Maha Chohan,  Archangel Raphael Sept 25: Goddess of Venus,  Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Goddess of Peace Sept: 7,14,21,28
Oct 15 Oct 15: Mighty Aries,  Goddess of Silver Oct 16: Lord Melchizedek,  Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Arceus Arcameus Oct: 5,12,19,26
Nov 26 Nov 26:  Goddess of Purity, Arceus Arcaseus Nov 27: Queen of Light, Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Goddess of Music Nov: 2,9,16,23
Dec 17 Dec 17: Beloved Christ, Mother Mary Dec 18: Goddess of Light,  Mother Akasha | Papa Asun, Archangel Raphael Dec: 7,9,14,21