Event Policy and FAQ’S

Event Guidelines/Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

It is our intent to create a beautiful, joyous and Sacred Space for our events. It is to this purpose that we have created the following Guidelines to assist newcomers and long-time students alike in co-creating with us a beautiful balance between joyous, exuberant community/fellowship and honoring of Sacred Space, Silence and Stillness. We also strive to create a clutter free/clean environment during Conclave and seek your cooperation.

Any personal audio or video recording on your mobile device or iPad is not permitted. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES BEFORE ENTERING THE BALLROOM. THANK YOU

When the bell rings, kindly end your conversations, take your seat as soon as possible and maintain the silence once you are seated in the Ballroom.

This is my first Conclave/Weekend Gathering. Is there a Dress Code?

Dress for the Conclave varies. We understand that people desire to travel light and will be sitting for long periods of time and wish to be comfortable. We don’t have a formal Conclave dress code but do ask that students dress appropriately in honor of our Ascended Master Guests. It is also wise to bring a sweater or shawl, or dress in layers to ensure your personal comfort.

We encourage you to avoid blue-jeans, and no shorts or flip-flops allowed inside the Ballroom. Dress for dinners is semi-formal.

We honor the Ray of Day, or the Rays of God by wearing certain colors on certain days of the week. For Conclave which begins on a Friday, we wear something green to honor the Emerald Green Ray representing Peace, or Pink to honor Mother Akasha. Saturdays we wear purple/violet to honor the Violet Ray which represents the quality of Purity. On Sunday we wear Blue/White to honor the Cosmic Blue Ray and Divine Purity.

Can I bring my lunch?

Yes, however like most movie theaters many hotels do not allow outside food and beverages consumed on their premises. In order to respect the hotel’s policies and keep our Sacred Space clean, we do not allow any outside food permitted in the Ballroom or Foyer, except for staff/presenters/team volunteers who would not otherwise have time to nourish themselves due to their service schedule. Some hotels allow morning coffee/smoothies etc., some do not. The Holiday Inn Vancouver does not allow any food or beverages aside from water. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver does allow coffee and tea. If do you bring your lunch please find an area outside of the venue to eat.

Please do not leave any drink containers on any of the sound, registration or product tables and dispose of any garbage on your way out.

What are your Safety and Security Policies?

Volunteers, presenters and staff only are permitted in the Ballroom during set-up times. (Thursday and Friday). There are wires, heavy boxes, equipment that can pose a safety hazard during set-up and our staff and volunteers are working hard and require focus. We would love to say “hello” and give hugs at opening registration time Friday afternoon.

Seat saving before the doors open on Friday is not permitted except for those who have made previous arrangements. The first 3 rows are reserved at Vancouver Conclaves for our out-of-town Roses.

No running is permitted at any time in the Ballroom or Foyer of the Hotel/Venue.

Backpack and purse straps peeking out from underneath a chair are a safety concern especially for our senior attendees. Please ensure that your belongings, purses, backpacks, coffee/water containers etc. are kept out of the aisles and are safely tucked under your seat so no one trips over the handles or straps. Please do not leave any pens on the carpet of the Ballroom.

To ensure the safety and freedom of movement and to comply with Fire Regulations please do not move your chairs or leave any of your belongings in the aisles and store personal items under your chair

Ballroom/Meeting room doors are locked during lunch breaks. Please ensure you have all your necessary belongings with you. When lunch breaks begin please exit the Ballroom quickly and continue your conversations outside so the Hotel staff and volunteers can quickly enter and prepare the room for the afternoon session.

Your name badge is your ticket into the event and must be worn at all times for security reasons. If you are not wearing your name badge you will be asked to show it upon entering the Ballroom. Do not leave your name badge on your chair. Any name badges left on the seats will be gathered at the end of each night and can be picked up at the registration desk in the morning.

How can I find a schedule for the Conclave?

A detailed schedule can be found in the middle of your Conclave Program. There is one Conclave Program per attendee. We encourage you to write your name in it and keep it with you, and do not leave your program on your seat, as they tend to disappear. If you would like an extra program for a student who could not attend Conclave please inquire for extra programs at the end of the event on Sunday. You can also download the program on our website posted in the resources.

Weekend Gatherings do not have a schedule. Opening and Closing times can be found on the registration page for each event as they can differ from city to city.

How do I go about making purchases while at events?

We do not use cash registers at our Events, but use a manual system.  We use product purchase forms that have most of our products listed and the price of the item beside, and a space for the quantity of the item purchased. Please ensure that any products you wish to purchase are accompanied by a properly filled out Product Purchase Form before coming to the desk to pay. Non-Member product forms are white. Please include your name, day, date and method of payment. This expedites the line-ups substantially. We have wonderful volunteers to assist you in filling out the form and figuring out the taxes.

Members Only Product Forms; Golden Rose Members please only use the Gold/Yellow Product Purchase Form that reflect the prices of the products with your 15% discount already applied. (Membership Discounts do not include Weekend Event/Conclave Registration fees, flash-drives, sale items, Oils, specialty products or taxes).

Flash-drive Keys: Attendees can purchase a recording of the entire Conclave/Weekend Gathering on a flash-drive key at a discounted rate of the cost of the regular recordings. Please fill out a product purchase form and bring it to the desk, you will be given a ticket and then approximately 30 minutes after we close on Sunday you can pick them up. It is one per attendee only please. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PICK UP YOUR FLASH-DRIVE KEY AT THE END OF THE EVENT.

I would like to sell/promote my merchandise, event, website, healing practice, health supplement/modality, invention, poetry, music, etc. at a Conclave/Weekend Gathering. How do I go about getting a table/space?

Although the Conclave can be convenient for the networking of compatible concepts, they are not the place to display brochures, products, practices or talents that have not been pre-authorized through the office. Our table space is limited to the Radiant Rose Academy’s products and pre-approved presenter merchandise.

I didn’t receive my downloads for this month/I need to change my credit card number/I have a question about my subscriptions etc.  Can you help me?

We would love to be able to assist you with these kinds of questions at our events however all these types of inquiries can only be answered through direct contact with the office as our registration desk volunteers do not have access to the information needed on our computer system. Please email or call the office during business hours if you are having any of these type of questions.

Can I bring my Children?

Children under 12 years of age are welcome to attend our events. However children must have parental supervision at all times during the events. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the children are happy attending our events and content sitting quietly for long periods, properly behaved and are not making noise or disturbing our event, or other groups using the Hotel. Leaving Children unattended outside, in adjoining rooms (including washrooms) or lobby area is absolutely not permitted and will be strictly monitored.

Although both our Messengers enjoy visiting with Conclave guests, they appreciate your understanding that it is important they be allowed to refresh, rest and renew themselves during the event.

God/Goddess Bless you and thank you for your cooperation in keeping our events safe, pristine and beautiful!!