How to Register

Registering to Participate in the Academy Events
Ongoing Monthly Classes and Weekend Events

There are three ways you can participate in our ongoing monthly classes:
These Classes include: The Tree of Life Class, Living the Dream Class, the Masters Classes and the Planetary Classes.

  1. The Classes are available by Subscription. When you subscribe to any one or all 4 of the Classes, you are automatically registered to receive the monthly classes teachings by downloads accessed in your Student Dashboard or by CD in the mail.
  2. You can  attend the classes in person and attendance is free for the classes you Subscribe to, otherwise you pay at the door.
  3. You can also register to join the live Zoom of these classes. The cost of zooming the classes varies depending on your subscription.

Registering for our Weekend Events

There are three ways you can participate in our Weekend events:

  1. Attend the events in person if you are in Vancouver, BC
  2. Participate in our live Zoom Presentation of the Weekend
  3. Order the audio recordings of the event a day or two afterwards in the Online Store

Click on the ‘Events Calendar’ tab and Click on any of the Weekend Gatherings posted to register to attend in person, or register to join the Live Zoom.