About the Weekend Events

The Purpose of the Weekend Series is to provide us with a 2-3 day Intensive Workshop Weekend with the Ascended Mother Akasha and our Master Teacher Lord Asun and others of the Ascended Host. Each Weekend Gathering is specifically created with a theme and higher purpose, opening the way for an intensive focus and discovery as the Ascended Masters discourse various subjects relative to the Theme of the Gathering.

The Weekend Gatherings include the Ascended Master Teachings, the Lost Knowledge, Advanced Knowledge of Resurrection, The Miracle Presence of Healing, Discovering Powers of Transmutation and Transformation, Sacred Geometries and levels of Metaphysics that bring about the expansion of the mind, birthing more easily the Christ Consciousness, a deeper connection with your own divinity; feeling and experiencing the Mighty Christ Presence in an expansive nature, the liberation and resurrection of your feelings.

Activating the 144 Qualities of Divine Love that abide within your feeling body, the raising and the throwing off of the aging of the physical garment, Sacred Alchemies, Mighty Cosmic Activities of the Sacred Fire, studying the Laws of Manifestation, Becoming a Conscious Creator Being and more are included in the many Ascended Master Transmissions that come through over the weekend.

During these weekends the Messengers Usa and Excalibur transmit the enlightening Discourses, Love and Presence of the several of the Ascended Host who come to offer Their Specialized Knowledge and Gifts into our daily use. What a gift it is to be in the Presence of the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun and Their Ascended Master Guests for 2-3 days.