Annual Weekend Events

Registration to attend the Annual Weekend Events is available in the Calendar area.

These Ascended Master Events sponsored by our Beloved Mother Akasha and Asun open the way for a number of the Ascended Host to gather with us in a very focused way. Our Special Events occur once a year and include:

  • Toronto, ON: The Door to Everything Series
  • Salt Lake City, UT: The Ascended Masters Earth Council
  • Syracuse, NY: The Liberty Series
  • Mount Shasta, CA: Gathering of the Magi Series
  • Los Angeles, CA: ‘Covenant’ in the City of Angels
  • Vancouver, BC: A Beautiful Mind Series with Master Asun
  • Saskatoon, SK: Roundtable with the Masters

The Door to Everything Series, reveals the nature of our Soul, and the Sacred Passageway, the re-birth, that opens the Door to Everything, the Greatest Love and Power in the Universe.

The Ascended Masters Annual Earth Council provides an opportunity for the Masters to update us on World Events. They speak into and address current world conditions and affairs and help us to prepare for a transforming civilization.

The Liberty Series. The Goddess of Liberty, the Great God Germain and Beloved Akasha host the annual Liberty Series Event in Syracuse, New York. Fulfilling our Divine Plan and the Divine Plan for America.

Gathering of the Magi Series. Sponsored by Merlin, this new Series is dedicated to birthing the Sacred Magi within our Being and Consciousness with the assistance of the Sacred Energies and Elementals of Mount Shasta.

A Beautiful Mind Series.  This new Series offers us a wonderful weekend with Master Asun and His Special Ascended Master Guests, focusing upon the collapse of mortal mind and the birthing of our Divine Mind.

Roundtable with the Masters. This new Series includes an actual Roundtable that Students come and sit at, then the Ascended Master joins the Students at the Roundtable to respond to Students questions. Discussion unfolds.