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2020 Ascended Masters Conclave

The I AM Family of Light “Ascended Masters Conclave 2020” has been Cancelled due to Covid and re-scheduled for October 2021

The I AM Family of Light®  and The Radiant Rose Academy Presents
The Ascended Masters Conclave, United Kingdom

“I AM the Tree of Life, I AM an Open Door into the Light”
October 9, 10, 11, 2020

Beloved Rose Hearts, it is I, Mother Akasha who greets you this day. I am delighted to announce that once again, I will present the Akasha Grand Council of the Ascended Host at the next Ascended Masters Conclave in the UK, in 2020. We have wonderful Presentations planned from some of the Ascended Host who are listed below. We remain committed to assist your Great Awakening and Resurrection up and out of all limitation. I honour and love your Divinity and remain committed to assist you in your own Personal and Spiritual Empowerment.

Year 2020 marks a special 15th anniversary of The I AM Family of Light and its annual Ascended Masters Conclave, a sacred space for the Akasha Grand Council of the Ascended and Angelic Host, to offer the Truth about who we are, why we are here and what actually awaits us in this new permanent 7th Golden Crystal Age.

This Conclave, the Akasha Grand Council return to Kent in the United Kingdom to meet you once again, with the reminder that you – YOU are part of this Divine Plan.

Some of the Themes the Masters will speak into include:

  • Embracing “I AM the Branch, Christ is the Tree, God is the Ground I am rooted upon”
  • How we become an Open Door into the Light
  • How we fill our bodies with the Cosmic Energies of the Universal
  • Making your Embodiment an Open Door for your God Self to express
  • How to experience the Raising Activity Daily
  • We come to connect with the Master Presence in you
  • Transforming the Reservoir of your heart into a Holy Grail
  • Increasing the Life Force of your Central Nerve System
  • Beloved Jesus, I come to you as your Golden Knight Dragon
  • Master Germain, I come to make Luminous the Denser Energies of your life
  • Beloved Buddha, I come to restore your inherent Joy and Laughter

The Overseers of the entire Council are:
Mother Akasha, Lord Asun, Goddess Athena, the Director Logos

The Permanent Members include:
Great Germain, Lady Nada, Lord Melchizedek, Queen of Light, Master Jesus, Mother Mary
Master Kuthumi, Lady Leto, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Venus, Lord Maitreya, Sanat Kumara,
And Mighty Helios of our Physical Sun

The non-permanent Members for 2020 Council include:
The Lord Buddha, Beloved Quan Yin, Beloved Goddess Rose
Archangel Michael, and the Messenger from Secret Love Star

We welcome you to the 2020 Ascended Masters Conclave, a sacred space to feel safe, soothed, and encouraged, to be seen as you truly are and to offer you enlightening Truths and Wisdom, held under the great Original Love of the Mother’s Presence, the Love of Mother Akasha Herself.

Early Bird Ticket Price and Accommodation

From January 2020, for one month only, there will be an ‘early bird’ ticket price of £330.00. Full ticket entry price of £380.00 will resume thereafter. Please register to attend at the I AM Family of Light website. Thank you. For your 2020 hotel accommodation, the Ashford Hotel International is ready to take hotel bedroom bookings. As usual, there will be a small amount of allocated rooms available at special rate prices, on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.


Register to attend: – www.theiamfamilyoflight.com.

October 9 @ 3:55 pm
October 11 @ 6:30 pm
Ashford International Hotel
Simone Weil Avenue
Ashford, Kent, England TN24 8UX United Kingdom
+ Google Map
44 (0) 1233 219988

ScheduleFriday: (3.55 pm – 8.30 pm approx.)
Saturday & Sunday : (8.55 am – 6.30 pm approx.)

Please note that some of the Ascended Masters Conclave “Policies” are slightly different from the “Policies” of the Canadian Conclaves. This Conclave in the UK is organized and hosted by The I AM Family of Light® Organization, not the Radiant Rose Academy.


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