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Appreciation Day!

Rose Pink Ray Appreciation Day!

Mother Akasha announced a new Activity and Quality of Her Rose Pink Ray that began on July 14, 2020. Mother Akasha is adding the Activity and Quality of ‘Appreciation’ to Her Rose Pink Ray. Of course, we understand that of the Seven Rays of the Week, Tuesday is the Rose-Pink Ray Day.

This means that from the Great Central Sun, the Physical Sun, and from the Great Temples of the Goddesses, the magnificent Rose Pink Ray of Divine Love is pouring to our Earth and will intensify around everyone who calls to their I AM God Presence and Mother Akasha, to be filled and held in Mother Akasha’s Rose Pink Rays of Divine Love and Appreciation. Mother Akasha invites us to consciously express our appreciation to someone or to some Activity or Nature every Tuesday and to use Her Rose Pink Ray Mantras on Tuesdays as well.

With a big pink heart, I appreciate each of you for the love you bring to our world…Usa

We are eternally grateful for the Majestic and Mighty Waves of Rose Pink Rays that are now flooding the lower atmosphere of Earth and bathing all kingdoms of Life and the Powers of Nature with Divine Love of the Mothers Presence, and intensifying every Tuesday.

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Rose Pink Ray Appreciation Day!
October 19
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