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Los Angeles 2018 Covenant

Covenant with Lord Maitreya

Covenant: A Promise that cannot be broken, a Promise to Self that must be fulfilled!

Covenant: Creating and Maintaining our Clarity of Purpose!
Lord Maitreya welcomes you to a Himalayan Mystery School Style Weekend Covenant!

I AM the Cosmic Law’s Victorious Action of all Covenants fulfilled!

Our previous Covenant with Lord Maitreya was enlightening and fulfilling as promised. For 2018, the Masters come to initiate many Covenants that will grow and expand within our Consciousness and our outer life experience. This weekend, Lord Maitreya initiates the ‘Piercing’ of the density of human consciousness so that more of the ‘Light’ of our Divinity can flow into our lives.

  • Covenant: Creating and Maintaining our Clarity of Purpose!
  • Covenant: Connecting with our own Inner Sense of Direction!
  • Covenant: Accessing a profound sense of Discernment!
  • Covenant: Honoring our feeling side of Life!
  • Covenant: Harnessing our Power of Determination
  • Covenant: Knowing and activating what is most important!
  • Covenant: Living a Spiritual Life in a material world!
  • Covenant: Aligning with the Vibration of Victory and Fulfillment

Lord Maitreya’s Ascended Master Guests include: Mother Akasha, Master Asun, The Arceus, the Eloheim, Mighty Victory, World Teacher Lady Leto, Great Master Germain, and the Goddess of Peace.

*Mother Akasha has indicated that other than the Academy Resource Materials required to bring with you, and daily dress code, all other disciplines will be relaxed.


2017 Covenant Testimonial:

Dear Usa and Excalibur, I AM SO GRATEFUL, I Will Never Be The Same Again”
“All with NO REGRETS” Forget the “ball park”, This Covenant Weekend was

Dress Code & What to Bring:

  1. Students are required to bring the following Resource Materials with them for use during Covenant: Personal Decree Books: 1 and 2 | Mantra Booklets: The Masters Invocations, Rose Pink Flames | The 33 Passages of Resurrection Sacred Geometries Card Set | The Covenant Book.
  2. There is a mandatory Dress Code for attending this event. The upper half of our physical body must be clothed in the Ascended Master Color/Ray of the Day. Friday is Green or Pink, Saturday is Violet Purple, and Sunday is White, we thank you.

Online purchase closes 3 days prior to the event.

February 16 @ 7:00 pm
February 18 @ 5:30 pm
Registration Deadline:
February 13
westdrift Manhattan Beach
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$179. USD
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
1400 Parkview Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
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$179.00 USD
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westdrift Manhattan Beach
1400 Parkview Avenue
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 United States
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Your Travel Guide to LA

Covenant-Anthem (PDF)

7 pm to 10 pm
Saturday : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

For more information on this Event: Contact our Local Coordinator here, or the Radiant Rose Academy at our Vancouver offices contact page here.