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Diamond Heart Conclave, Montreal 2019

August 16, 17, 18, 2019, Montreal, QC
Bienvenue à Montréal

Beloved Jesus is given a new Dispensation:
The Sacred Fire Miracle Manifestation of the Rainbow Rays

Beloved Jesus will raise the Student Body to the 27th Passage of Resurrection!

Beloved Master Jesus Special Guest: Mahatma Gandhi

In the June weekend classes, Mother Akasha updated us regarding the Diamond Heart Conclave. Mother Akasha and Mother Vesta have granted Beloved Jesus a new Dispensation for the Academy, that being the full Activity of the Cosmic Rainbow Rays coming into our lives. We will hear much about this during Conclave. The Confirmation also came in that Beloved Jesus will raise the Student Body into the 27th Passage of Resurrection.

Mahatma Gandhi taught us that we can bring harmony to our world by becoming champions of love and peace for all. The task is daunting, but he has shown that a fragile, meek man of small physical stature can achieve feats of incredible magnitude with a staunch belief to practice peace through non-violence. Will you make a pledge this Conclave weekend to the Mahatma to become the change that you would like to see in this world?

Our Ascended Master Guests include: The Director Logos, Beloved Master Jesus, Mother Akasha, Father Asun, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Mary, Master Germain, Grandmother Anna, Princess Mary Magdalene, Mighty Victory, Messenger of the Golden Robes, Messenger of the Rose Pink Robes, the Ascended Master Youth, Mighty Helios, Mother Vesta, and Lord Maitreya.

As the Grand Cosmic Being, the Holy Spirit, and our Soul that abide within our Inner Consciousness oversees Metamorphosis during our Meditations, the Seven Sacred Seals of our Sphere of Consciousness and of our physical bodies are being prepared for Divine Activation and their inner-connectivity with each other, this work to be completed at the Diamond Heart Conclave.

At Conclave, under Master Jesus direction, the Seven Spiritual Biorhythms of our Inner I AM God Presence and our Higher I AM God Presence will enter the Seven Sacred Seals of our Sphere of Consciousness and of our Physical Garment.
The Master Jesus will speak His Sacred Salutation that begins to tie together all biorhythms of our body during the Second Birth with the Spiritual Rhythms of our Inner Soul and Over Soul Body of Light. The Mahatma will speak into the 6 principles He lived his life by.

The Metamorphosis of our Physical Bodies has begun!
The Seven Spiritual Biorhythms and Seven Sacred Seals

  • The Host of Light will release Cosmic Vibrations to quicken our physical growth
  • Mother Akasha directs the Mother Element into the physical matter of our bodies
  • Mary Magdalene directs Her Magdalene Force for our bodies to receive and feel
  • Mighty Victory decrees His Flame of Victory into our Seven Spiritual Energy Centres
  • Mother Anna breathes the Ancient Breath of the Holy Mothers into our lungs
  • Mother Mary assists us to feel the stimuli of Her Son Jesus Luminosity
  • Master Jesus offers us the Cosmic Rainbow Rays of our Sun and the Great Central Sun
  • And much much more…
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