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Vancouver 2018 RC

The Resurrection Conclave
The Age of Spiritual Initiation is upon us!

One of the great Spiritual Teachers of the twentieth century, Joel Goldsmith, once said:
“Initiation is an Act of Grace bestowed on Individuals at a certain time in their unfoldment, lifting them into the Master-State of Consciousness.”

From Mother Akasha and Jesus Christ:
For those awakening at this time, the Age of Spiritual Initiation is upon them!

In a the December Masters Classes, King David and King Solomon revealed their first major Initiation based on the question given to them from their Spiritual Teacher:

What does God mean to you?

They were given months to contemplate this and were asked to respond with ‘One Word’. Context to their response could come with an extension of 2 to 5 words.

Kind David responded with “Sustenance” and the context for this He chose Wisdom, Understanding, Strength, and Love.

King Solomon responded with “Illumination” and the context for this He chose Wisdom and Wealth.

Both Kings received a powerful Initiation; an Act of Grace was bestowed upon them.

This Resurrection Conclave each of us are to come prepared, we have chosen what God means to us and we have chosen one word, along with some words of context. This Conclave, as we silently hold our response within, we will then receive the same major Initiation as King David and King Solomon. Our Ascended Master Guests will discourse throughout the Conclave weekend about the Spiritual Power that comes to us as we enter the Age of Spiritual Initiation.

This Conclave, the Master Jesus will speak more indepth regarding the hours of the Transformation of his body in the Tomb of Arimathea and the Transfiguration that occurred as He stepped out of the Tomb. He will share how the crucifixion can serve as a metaphor regarding the human race and the fall from Grace.

Our Ascended Master Guests for this Conclave include: The Director Logos, Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, Master Jesus, Lady Nada, Mighty Victory, Lady Leto, Ascended Master Youth, Arceus Arcameus, Mother Teresa, Mighty Aries, Beloved Kuthumi, the Goddess of Light, Archangel Michael, the Queen of Light and Master Germain.

Online Registration closes 3 days before the event, however you can still register in person. All prices in Canadian currency. Tax added at checkout.

March 16 @ 5:30 pm
March 18 @ 6:00 pm
Registration Deadline:
March 13
Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
Room Rate:
$175. 00
Hotel Cut off date:
Feb. 13, 2018
900 West Georgia Street Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2W6
RRA group rate:
$175.00 plus taxes
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Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
900 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6C 2W6 Canada
1 (604) 684-3131


Travel Information (PDF) | Conclave Program (PDF)

Event Schedule 
Friday: Registration 4 pm –  Doors open: 5 pm – Conclave: 5:30 to 10:30
Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm – Vegan Buffet 7 pm
Sunday: 9 am to 6 pm

For more information on this Event: Contact the Radiant Rose Academy at our Vancouver offices contact page here.