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Masters of the Far East, Vancouver 2020

Masters of the Far East
August 15, 16, 2020 Vancouver

**Limited Seating (50)**

Mother Akasha has arranged a very Special Weekend with some of the Ancient Masters of the Far East. Our Special Guests include King Thoth, Beloved Isis and Osiris, Lord Buddha, Quan Yin, Beloved Jesus, Master Kuthumi, Lady Leto, and Lord Maitreya.

These Masters are Direct Descendants of those of Higher thought who kept themselves clear of ancient concepts regarding the supposed necessity of living a monastic life of retirement, asceticism, and seclusion from the world. They did not see a monastic life as being a necessity for the attainment of Spiritual Enlightenment, such as what was demonstrated by the life of wisdom and miracles as lived by Jesus.

Instead, they fearlessly studied in the Ancient Mystery Schools, and when ready, returned to the outer world, engaging a life of Service, then attaining their final freedom in the Ascension. Some became Leaders, Kings, and Goddesses in their time.

These Ancient Masters of the Far East return to us this weekend, in this context, as we ready ourselves as ‘Untouchables’, in Service to the Light, in Service to the Ascended Masters Divine Plan for Humanity and the Earth. They come to ready us, as they were once made ready.

  • They come to offer us Sacred Initiations
  • Attaining Pure Motive of life, thought, word, and deed
  • Living the Life we seek
  • Declaring Christ as our True Self
  • Incorporating God within our physical body
  • Preparing to see and know your own God Head and the Christ
  • Ancient Teachings pass through all Descendants of God
  • A Time to ready yourself is now
  • Interpreting and Living the Teachings of God from within you
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August 15 @ 10:00 am
August 16 @ 3:00 pm
Registration Deadline:
August 11
Holiday Inn
711 West Broadway
1 (604) 879-0511
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Holiday Inn ​Vancouver Centre-Broadway​
711 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Y2 Canada
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1 (604) 879-0511


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