Gold Membership is FREE when you Subscribe to all 4 Classes!


Purchase a Gold Membership Plan for $33 a month

We would like to introduce you to the Gold Members Program of the Academy. Let’s start with what the Gold Membership Plan offers you.

The Gold Membership Plan offers you a 15% Discount on most of our products in the Online Store and a 15% Discount on most of our products sold at our events. Gold Membership is FREE to all Students who subscribe to the 4 Monthly Curriculum Classes. For those Students who do not subscribe to all 4 Class Subscriptions, we provide a Gold Membership Monthly Subscription Plan for $33 a month.

Anyone can Sign Up for your own free Student Dashboard

Resources found in the Student Dashboard are not found in the public area of the website, they are only available a ‘Restricted Area’ of the website, that being the login area. To access the login area, you will first have to sign in creating your own account giving you access to your own free Student Dashboard.

Everyone who has signed up creating their own free account, has access to the General Account Materials found in their Student Dashboard:

General Account Material:

  1. Articles
  2. Conclave Testimonials
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Meditations
  5. Mother Akasha Decrees
  6. Q & A with Master Asun
  7. Reflections by Asun
  8. Spiritual Resources
  9. Students Corner
  10. YouTube Videos

Masters Material:

  1. Ascended Master Decrees
  2. Ascended Master Elect
  3. Ascended Master Quotes
  4. Messages from the Masters
  5. Mother Mary’s Gifts
  6. Princess Mary Magdalene

Reminder: Gold Membership is free and automatic if you subscribe to all 4 of the Academy Curriculum Classes: The Tree of Life Class, The Living the Dream Class, The Planetary Class, and The Masters Class. If you subscribe to all 4 Classes your Gold Membership will automatically be activated. If you do not subscribe to all 4 Classes, and you desire Gold Membership, you can subscribe to the monthly Gold Membership Plan Subscription for $33 a month.

**You can purchase the Gold Membership Subscription in your Student Dashboard area**