Class Subscriptions

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The Spiritual Studies of the Radiant Rose Academy are presented in four ongoing Classes, available only by Subscription. They are: The Tree of Life Class, the Alchemy Class, the Miracle Class, and the Masters Class. Collections of previous classes are available in the Online Store. Special focus Programs that augment these four Classes take place during our Weekend Events and Conclaves, however they do not require subscription and are available in the Online Store.

On each Class page of the Events Section area you will find a ‘Subscribe Now’ box which gives you the opportunity to subscribe to receive the Classes as a direct download of sound files. The sound files for those Classes you subscribe to will show up in your Student Dashboard when you log in. Class sound files for you to download are usually available two days after each Class occurs.

As long as you have Internet available, you can subscribe to our Classes from anywhere in the world. Each Student is responsible for saving their Class Downloads onto their computer before the end of each month, as the sound files will be replaced once a month with the next month’s sound files.

Digital Sound File mp3: Please note that the Sound Files for the Weekly Wednesday Tree of Life Classes will be available to download on the following Friday. Each Tree of Life Class will consist of 4 download files. As there are 4 Tree of Life Classes available in this subscription, you will receive a total of 16 download files a month. The other Classes are available for download within a few days after each Class occurs. You can check with the Calendar Section to see the dates when the other Classes are taking place to anticipate when the files will be available to download.

CD mp3

Please be aware that choosing to receive your Subscriptions by CD will cost more than the download Subscriptions. Those increased costs include a $3.00 media charge plus shipping and taxes where applicable.

If you choose to subscribe to the Tree of Life Transmissions by CD mp3, you will receive a CD recorded in MP3 format, which will be shipped to you one week after the last Wednesday of each month. If you subscribe to any of the other Classes, such as the Masters Class, the Alchemy Class and/or Miracle Class, the CD will be shipped to you one week after the Classes occur. You can check with our Calendar Section to see the dates when the Classes are taking place and to anticipate when you will receive your CD in the mail.

Individual Classes Subscriptions can be found in our Online Store