Spirituality 101 the book

The Lost Knowledge, the Book

Approximately five years ago, two long-term Students of the Radiant Rose Academy came up with an idea. They presented the idea to Messenger #1 and to Mother Akasha who encouraged them to proceed with their idea.

These Students Wendy and Jean-Marc, realized that many individuals who attended a Tree of Life Class in Vancouver for the first time became Students and others did not. They realized that like themselves, people attending an Academy Class for the first time, had so many questions.

Their idea as Students, was to compile many of the Teachings of the Academy in a simplified manner, into a Book and Film, where many of the questions of newcomers would easily be answered and understood, thereby assisting people who might be interested in a Spiritual Path, to embrace the Ascended Masters Teachings as presented by the Radiant Rose Academy.

Their vision was to create a beginner level of material that could quickly answer many of the questions that individuals who are new to the Spiritual Path, would naturally have. Thus a five year project began, and now the Radiant Rose Academy is Publishing the wonderful workings of this project that includes the book, ‘The Lost Knowledge’ and the Film, ‘Spirituality 101. A wonderful Foundation of Knowledge is gathered here that both long-term Students will enjoy, and now a Book and a Film that Students can offer friends, family, and loved ones who might become interested in embracing a Spiritual Path.

Included in the Film and Book are interview with Usa, Messenger #1, and interviews with the Ascended Masters Akasha and Asun.

The Lost Knowledge –
The Tree of Life Teachings

Based on the five-class Video Series Spirituality 101: The Lost Knowledge Made Simple, this book goes further, and deeper, and includes two extra chapters of Transmissions by Beloved Akasha and Asun, great Ascended Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The achievements of a few human beings of genius and creative talent is what was intended for all. Many people are awakening from a hypnotic spell of false beliefs and perceptions, to the truth of who they truly are. Those who awaken, discover their own greatness, their own uniqueness, their own inner splendour. There is a sleeping giant within the heart of every human being. This sleeping giant has been waiting centuries to release its magnificence to the world. To awaken that giant is a journey that returns you back home, and it is a journey through the heart. – Akasha