Some Golden Gems

In 2014 Akasha and Asun and others of the Ascended Host reviewed some of the Fundamentals of the Lost Knowledge, also known as the Ascended Master Teachings. We offer you here a glimpse of some of the Golden Gems that came forth during this review.

Golden Gem: Akasha

It is our desire to review the fundamentals of the Ascended Master Teachings from an expanded consciousness in a way that you’ve never heard them before.”


“We begin this review with a truth. If one is to be a channel for a miracle for another person, if one individual is going to be a conduit, is going to stand in for another person, that individual who is capable of producing miracles, even miracles to the point of calling back a person who has crossed over through the change called death, that individual must have the ability to see the appearance, must have the ability to see what has offended life, to see the appearance that confronts another, and at the same time to see the perfection. Only the Christ can do this. If you could be raised to live up in the higher dimensions of the Planetary Systems of Life you would see that they are in such a state of perfection and are unable to see any imperfection. They only know and see perfection. That is your future self.

A remarkable situation is on the Earth; the Earth requires healing. Divine Intervention has come to the people of Earth on December 21/22, 2012 initiating the Seventh Golden Age. This is the last and final opportunity for the people of Earth to return to being the spiritual beings they were created to be and to live a spiritual life and understand the interconnectiveness of all life. To be restored to the spiritual beings that you are requires you to step into a state of consciousness that is not relevant or familiar in other Systems of Worlds. I present this thought in a new way to you this evening that only the Christ Consciousness can yet see the illusion that is lack, limitation, disease, duality and all that is wrong. If you do not have a being who can see the illusion, you do not have a Being who can heal the illusion. And so this is a very peculiar kind of consciousness. It is a remedy and it is the answer to the people’s problem.

Living a spiritual life is a discovery of who you truly are, who created you, where you came from and why you are here. Rather than having lies told to you, the truth is given to you. As you apply that truth to your lives you soon start to once again become everything that we teach you that you have forgotten that you truly are.”


“Magnificent thoughts are starting to show up in leaders of mass consciousness. This is a group of individuals who are somewhat enlightened but are not touched enough by the Sleeping Splendor, the Spirit within them. They are enlightened by the hard cruel way of the past that leads their minds to think in a new way. For example, there are coaches and personal empowerment developers who will often come up with terminology. ‘We’ve got to think outside of the box.’ They have no idea of the great truth they are speaking. Is the world a dangerous place? Absolutely, in human terms it is. How does one become free of the concerns of the dangers? Understand the dangers in the world are a by-product of limited consciousness, the consciousness that’s ‘in’ the box. Whether you call them the Illuminati, the dark ones, the bank mobsters, whatever name you give them, the quickest way of ensuring you don’t have to be concerned about all their nonsense is don’t play in their box! Get out of their box of limited consciousness and live in the Higher Consciousness. Jesus called you the ‘Untouchables’ because if you don’t stay in their box of limited consciousness, they can’t touch you. If you stay up in the Higher Consciousness, they can’t touch you.” … (Golden Gem 0402 1 Akasha)