Rose Membership $22 a month
Gold Membership $33 a month

Gold Membership is FREE when you Subscribe to all 4 Classes!

We would like to introduce you to the Members Program of the Academy. Lets start with why we offer a Members Only area, in our website. First of all this becomes a secured area within your Student Dashboard that only Members can access.

We wish to honor Students of the Academy who become Members by offering them an abundance of Discounts, Resources, and Materials available only in the Members Area, thereby assisting the Students to advance their spiritual evolution upon the Great Path of Resurrection. Only Students who subscribe to one or more of the 4 Curriculum Classes and who therefore have a profile account can register to become a Rose or Gold Member of the Academy.

However Membership and the Members Area of the website is FREE to all Students who subscribe to the 4 Monthly Curriculum Classes. For those Students who subscribe to one or more but not all 4 Class Subscriptions, there is a small monthly Members Subscription Fee, for the Rose or Gold Membership.


Conditions Met Academy Student Status Rose Gold
0 classes None n/a n/a
1 to 3 classes Class Subscriber Can purchase a Rose Membership Can purchase Gold Membership
4 classes Gold Membership Free
Membership Fee $22/month & 10% discount $33/month & 15% discount


Rose Members receive the following benefits in their Student Dashboard:

  1. Select Ascended Master Transcripts
  2. Masters Messages Library
  3. Messages from the Messengers
  4. Members Spiritual Resources
  5. Spiritual Art
  6. Access to Video Library
  7. Rose Members Discount Card

Gold Members receive the following additional benefits in their Dashboard:

  1. Golden Gems from Classes
  2. Weekend Events Highlights
  3. Conclave Highlights and Gifts
  4. Ascended Masters Sound Files
  5. Access to selected items in the Resource Area
  6. Video Archives and Messages Library
  7. Selected Academy Sacred Art images
  8. Gold Members Discount Card

Reminder: Membership is free and automatic if you subscribe to all 4 of the Academy Curriculum Classes: The Tree of Life Class, The Living the Dream Class, The Planetary Class, and The Masters Class. If you subscribe to all 4 Classes your Gold Membership will automatically be activated and your Gold Card will be mailed to you. If you subscribe to 3 or less classes and also subscribe to Rose or Gold Membership, your Rose or Gold Membership Card will be mailed to you.

**You will find the Upgrade to Membership Subscription in your Student Dashboard area**