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Divine Healing Meditation

Jun 16, 2021 | Meditations

TOLC June 16, 2021

Divine Healing, Clearing and Forgiveness Meditation with Mother Akasha

Mother Akasha, I hold you in my heart of love, the greatest love of all, let us do this now, together…

  1. Final stages of healing and clearing comes in layers, that way it is safer for us
  2. At this stage of our awakening and resurrection, cursing it out, getting this stuff out verbally with anger is a no no
  3. Yes we may realize there is residual anger that comes with those deep wounds and/or traumas
  4. Again and again, we forgive those who have hurt us, even if they are no longer in this world and contact with them is not necessary
  5. In our sacred space now we call upon your Presence and Mother Mary to help us forgive those who have harmed us, traumatized us, you may take a moment now to recall their faces, do so and silently three times and now outwardly ‘I forgive you’ (3x) do this now
  6. Call upon Mother Mary to help you make this act of forgiveness real and meaningful
  7. Call upon your Presence and Mother Mary for forgiveness of your own mistakes and forgive your own mistakes and former human moments
  8. We enter sacred silence for seven minutes affirming inwardly, all is forgiven now, and I am free
  9. Now enter into the Violet Flames and call upon Saint Germain and his Violet Flame Angels to blaze His Violet Consuming Flames of Love and Forgiveness through your emotional, mental and physical bodies to consume any hardened emotions, hurts and wounds that may remain in your body, emotions, and mind.
  10. Now enter into the Sweep the Violet Flames Mantra, which should take about 10 minutes

11. Finish with “It is done!”  “And I AM so Grateful, Thank you Mighty I AM, thank you Beloved Mother Mary, Thank you Beloved Saint Germain, and thank you Beloved Angels, and I thank myself for willing to go the distance for total forgiveness and healing in my life.”