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I reflect today upon the Great Shadowless Light available to each of you!

Apr 23, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

Papa Asun

When you hear us use the term “human consciousness” we are talking about a mind that has been infected with the human virus of duality. 

When we are speaking on “human creation” we are speaking of manifestation that can either be good or bad or a little of both, thus duality.

We do not favour the good over the bad because we have seen countless good manifestations be used by evil people and turned into terrible manifestations!

Jesus Christ came into your world and revealed that there is something much better than duality. It comes from a higher consciousness. It is the consciousness of Life, of Polarity, of Light and Love and that is why you are studying the Truth, the Tree of Life…

Life that is the Source of Light and Love. Light and Love that can Individualize in a mind and a heart and be the Source of something greater than good or bad ——— PERFECTION! Voila!

Are you the qualifier of your Life? YES, so…QUALIFY, QUALIFY, QUALIFY!

Stand and be a cup….arms out front (upper arms horizontal, forearms vertical) and decree…

FILL me with Light (3x)
FILL me with Love (3x)
FILL me with the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness (3x)

Now breathe and still yourself – feel the Light then place hands over heart and say…

I have turned to the Greater. I have asked to be filled with Light – the shadowless light. Light that repels all forces of darkness and to be filled with as much light that my brain cavity and my entire body can assimilate this day.

Using the power of imagination…create a miniature image of the Master Jesus and see that image right over the center of your forehead.

If you cannot “see” Jesus in your imagination – get small images of him!

Where you are “feeling something” ie Pain, itch etc Visualize or have his picture place on site and see/know he is there saying…

I AM the Light of the world

Realize He is sending HIS Radiation of HIS Ascended Master Light of ALL Christ Perfection!

Whatever the situation – Project His image there!

See the Master Jesus Radiating His Golden Light…Say…”in the few moments while I am holding my attention on the Master Jesus in (area) I do not seek a human solution – I seek an Ascended Jesus Christ Solution. I AM the Ascended Jesus Christ Healing Divine Intervention of my (area) taking place right now! I Love the Master Jesus Christ.”

(you can do this with ANY Ascended Master whom you love) PS I love you!