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I reflect upon our ability to initiate transformation in our physical body

Apr 16, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

How quickly is my body elemental throwing off the last of heaviness, the last density of duality and how quickly can my body elemental receive, anchor and project the Light of my Divinity through the cells of my body…

How quickly can my body do that?

Now is the answer purely physical or is it physical and more because it depends on my state of mind?

It depends on what you agree with. It depends on how much you are functioning in the energies of old world duality consciousness. – Old world consciousness says it’s going to take a long time for this or that to happen.

But you are studying Ascended Master Teachings – Tree of Life teachings. Within these teachings are principles of Truth and instantaneous activity.

The Life Force of my I AM God Presence is coming right down through me and every moment…

I AM breathing in the Infinite Life of God and I AM breathing out the old energies of density, the old duality.

Every moment I AM breathing in the new energies of my I AM God Presence, breathing out the old energies of the human.

Every moment I AM breathing in all the Truths of the Tree of Life.

Every day I AM breathing out old energies of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

I AM a being of Cause Alone and that cause Love, the Sacred Tone.

Every truth that I am aligning to – my body now has complete permission to EXPRESS these truths permanently!

In my mind, I am rejecting the lower consciousness of duality.

In my mind I am accepting the Higher Consciousness of Polarity – Life, Light, Love – One Presence, One Power, One Intelligence expressing through the very cells of my body!

Today, every morning my body is being born anew!

Every day my body is throwing off aging and the old duality energies.

Every day my body is breathing in its spiritual rebirth.

I have an image in my mind.

I have a goal – now that I know that the God Appearance of my body is to be determined by me – the being of Consciousness that I AM.

Now that I know of the great invisible forces – I love to give those forces of Light and Love to my body and I say to my body, the cells of my body…

Surrender, let go of all the old world consciousness energies…

I invite the cells of my body to release into the Sacred Fire… any notion, belief or feeling of the necessity of aging.

I invite the cells of my body to let go of the historical experience of aging. I am awake I now understand the truth; I am an eternal being of Light and Love.

My body is given to me to express anything I so choose. To be, as I so choose to acknowledge and so choose to become.

I am a being of Love and my body is to be so tuned to be the full expression of that Love. Despite all appearances, my body does not have a mind of its own. Despite all appearances my body must – as I am making a new choice, my body MUST respond to my mind, my heart, my feelings side of life.

Everyday I am changing

Everyday I am evolving

My life is a miracle!