Academy Testimonials

Students from around the world share with us their experiences and gratitude
I searched and searched for the Divine Family that would erase the untruth’s within me and enable the Innate Divinity within me to overcome numerous limitations and keep me enthused enough to continue with the journey from a broken down body and shut down heart. No where else, am I as intent to stay disciplined and gain wisdom and accept myself and continue to Say Yes to Life and Yes to Be, gain strength to continue healing and letting go of what is still yet within me that is not Divine Intent; also keeps me faithful to the Heart’s Desire’s and Requirements. From having felt like a horrible victim with language like a street bum, my expression and language has considerably improved. Almighty God I AM is earned here! I AM going to go within now to send Love and Light to this Family of roses out of Gratitude.

May GOD bless you in every infinitely abundant way Beloved Usa and Excalibur, I thank you with all my heart for your tireless service to all of us, so that we may together become our true powerful Untouchable selves once again and clean up the insanity in the outer world, I thank you both, bless you both, and Love you both!

I was at the Conclave and feel it was the most amazing Miracle yet. For the first time I feel at ease and absorbed the presentations, being able to tangibly know that this is a new platform. I experienced without a doubt a depth that was so enlivening. If ever I had doubt it was gone now. I had the great pleasure to thank the messenger and look for a moment of grace into Beloved Excalibur’s eyes. It was beyond word a depth of Being that I had never seen in any eyes. The memory of this gift has spurned me on to follow our Masters and messengers as committed as possible. Things are now revealing themselves in experience and that is undeniable. We are so blessed by all and there is so much to receive. The Academy family is real and I love all that are making it so. Thank you with all my heart. I am a Rose laughing out from the bitter snow of the past and loving the sun shine of the Mother’s Presence in spring. DL

I am originally from Sudan, and I joined the Academy last November and just arrived home from my first Conclave, the Radiant Rose Conclave in Edmonton, which was the most profound experience of my life! I am so humbled and eternally grateful to this Academy and what is offered, and in immense love of Mother, Father God and all the Angelic and Ascended Host for sending us their love and blessings. I am sending my love and appreciation to this Divine Academy. Thank you, and we will do great work together! H.A.

The Radiant Rose Academy has lovingly helped me to find my place in the world. I now understand my life’s purpose; I am receiving the gifts, tools and trainings needed to carry out my purpose; and I have created a new family that not only understands me but also supports my efforts. I am in deep gratitude. JB

This Academy is perfection, and Usa and Excalibur bring wit, and humor, as they apply the Teachings, and implement great subject matter for us to digest, and I love the free flow approach which is appealing for many people who have busy lives, it fits into daily for all generations; Children, Parents, and Grandparents. All who wish to aspire to knowing the truth of self Mastery. I highly recommended the Radiant Rose Academy; you will be dazzled with joy and filled with abundance on all levels of your being. JM

My search for inner peace started in the mid-1970’s when I was experiencing anxiety, depression, pain and insomnia; and then a major health challenge of breast cancer in 1992 intensified my search for healing the causes of my ill health, and for creating a happy and healthy life. I became a keen student of metaphysics and numerous spiritual works, and it wasn’t until I found the Radiant Rose Academy about eight years ago, that I just knew that this is what I had been searching for! I especially like all the practical ‘tools’ we are given to help us on our journey; they assist me to feel contented, peaceful, happy, grateful – I feel like I’ve truly come home, and I am dedicated to sharing my blessings by inspiring others to come home too! MB

My husband and I came to Conclave and the Radiant Rose Academy, straight from Russia, so it was a long time journey but also a life changing one. To all the Beloved Hearts all over the world listening to the classes and events, there is nothing so profound and magical like being there in person! Being there in the Presence of the Masters, sharing this transformation with other Roses – it brings a true change of heart. You will never be the same after attending a Radiant Rose Academy Event. MS

I feel so honored and privileged to be a part of such an incredible reality that has come upon the Earth. I have realized that I have become so empowered and so enlightened that I can freely admit that I AM truly blessed to be so loved and guided by all our precious Ascended Masters that my heart’s desire is to hug and kiss them all, now! I love being home, sweet home with my Beloved God Presence, I AM. I love my Presence and am so happy and eager to be of greater service to our precious Mother Earth, Gaia. The Beloved Radiant Rose Academy has brought the reality, the love, the guidance to our understanding with such clarity and full meaning of action and re-remembrance of who we really are. I Am Eternally Grateful, thank you. PC

I just wanted to thank you and bless you and love you from the UK for such an amazing weekend. It has changed my life, renewed me, given me greater truths and closer connection with my beloved Presence, the beloved masters, angels, cosmic beings, and closer connection with the Academy sisters and brothers of the light. I feel truly blessed to have attended, to have met you and others who I feel are my true family. I feel very emotional about it. The event was so beautiful, the stage, backdrop, altar, Mother’s day card, arch, Liberty statue, and the roses, the roses, the roses. I shower you in light, strength, power, love and gratitude. Syracuse, NY, KP

Thank you so so much for such an incredible weekend, such an amazing event – Radiant Rose Conclave and in true meaning everyone was radiating – what a wonderful people! The Conclave was incredibly magical, uplifting experience for me. I am so grateful and feel so blessed for all experience, I learned lifetime lessons; the whole experience was blissful for me. I experienced extraordinary energies of unconditional love; it was fantastic group of people. Thank you so much to our Messengers beloved Usa and Excalibur – what a wonderful young Men they are, pure radiating Love, gift from God to all of us. RV

Very special, very beautiful, thank you so much, I am so grateful and over joyed. What a wonderful delightful family we are and may we grow and expand …oh what a journey it has been so far and there is so much more to come. Let us welcome the magic, mystery and blessed miracles that are upon us now for we are a united family and may we march forth into our Resurrection with ease and grace. Thanks to every one for this wonderful 20 years thus far. Bless you all! Beloved Usa we love you, Usa thank you for your dedication for bringing this Path forth and Excalibur thank you for dedication, strength and your great service. I bless and thank the office team and all Area Coordinators and all the students. My heart is full of gratitude, I love this dear family of the Rose and I am so excited to see what our future brings forth for us all and all life. MZ

The April 8th TOLC was one of the best that I ever listened too. Mother Akasha truly encouraged me, and I feel empowered in the knowledge that we are receiving assistance. I cannot begin to express how truly Mother Akasha’s Discourse touched my Heart. I am elated! I am thrilled! And I feel so blessed to have found this Dispensation. I needed to know that the end of duality in our lives is near. Bless you Mother Akasha and I love you! I listen to this class over and over. AN

For years I was searching for that extra something in my life … I didn’t know what. Then one day I come across the Radiant Rose Academy website! For a month, I was drawn to it and finally in November 2003, I attended a class and I have never looked back. Through Akasha and Asun, I reconnected with my Presence, I found my ascended family, I found my angelic family – and the wealth of information! The Weekend Gatherings, the Conclaves, the various classes, the love, the guidance, the protection, on and on and on – there is so much here, there is no need to look elsewhere. I have all the love, all the protection, the sacred fire, the guidance, the knowledge right here. JD