What’s my next step?

Now that you have your own Student Dashboard that you can login to at any time, perhaps you can now consider taking any or all of the Academy’s ongoing Classes. The Academy offers 4 classes that include:

1. The Weekly ‘Tree of Life Class’
2. The Monthly ‘Living the Dream Class’
3. The Monthly ‘Planetary Class’
4. The Monthly ‘Masters Class

You can attend the Classes in person. The Class Recordings are only available by Subscription and are offered as an audio download or by CD, your choice. To learn more about what the classes offer, or to subscribe, please click on the ‘Class Subscriptions’ tab located on the top horizontal banner, and view the drop down menu. You can subscribe to one or more of the classes, or subscribe to all 4. Total cost of subscribing to all 4 Classes is $146 a month and comes with other benefits, such as a 15% discount in our online store! These Classes take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada.