Quan Yin offers a Gift of Healing

Categories: Messages from the Masters


I AM Quan Yin, the Eternal Heart of Compassion, and under the Authority of Jesus the Christ I am today the Flame of Redemption. I wish to offer you an end to everything that has covered over what is precious, pure, and perfect about you. Most of the world consciousness in you is gone, but even one veil is enough to limit you. By all that has been given, there is only one veil.
For many years the uncovering has been going on. The Angels and us have come to lift veils from you along with human fears so that you could awaken to everything that is true, beautiful, authentic, and perfect about you. You have only one veil left and it’s the veil of this present embodiment. All your attainment of past lives is placed in the Causal Body of your Presence and has even begun to transfer into your feeling side of life, especially those of you who have begun to purify your feeling bodies by using the Purifying Flame. Let us finish uncovering and taking from you everything that has limited you, everything that has caused you difficulty, pain, and disease.

I am so grateful you have a greater appreciation and interest in the Sacred Fire. To some of us who lived on your Earth and experienced the suffering and limitation, especially those of us in the feminine embodiment know what is most precious if it is given a chance to touch our lives. We also know that if one doesn’t have some understanding of the Heart Flame, the Sacred Fire, and the Great Great Silence, that limits the work that can be offered you.

Imagine the space beyond your body that is twenty-eight feet out from you; not the immediate space that you call your Tube of Light which extends three to four feet out from you. Before the fall from Grace this space extending twenty-eight feet out from you was a shielded space. It was called your Electronic Circle and everything within was held sacred. It became a mighty reservoir of great Powers and Force that you could use in your daily life. Recently the Director Logos approved a Dispensation that for all those awakening, the Electronic Circle would be restored. The Thirteen Goddesses were called upon to begin to fill that reservoir with the Powers and Qualities of Life that were lost to you and to restore those to your Electronic Circle.


I AM Quan Yin. I have always been the Flame of Compassion; Jesus made me the Flame of Redemption so the people could be redeemed. In that Authority as the Flame of Compassion and the Flame of Redemption that I will always be, I ask you to recite this inwardly:

“Into my being and all around me and into all my affairs upon the Earth, I call forth the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence to build and build a mighty reservoir of itself within my feelings, within my Electronic Circle, and within every activity of my life.”

This is the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence and it is closer to you than you realize. You have it growing inside your Spiritual Heart. You have it inside the Heart of your Mighty I AM God Presence. The entire centre of your Physical Sun is filled with the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. It is stored in the mountain ranges and within every Temple hidden within Ascended Master Retreats. The Heart of your Guardian Angel is the Flame of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. We can spread it through your mind, feelings, and your atomic structure. We can fill your homes, your workplaces, your family and loved ones.

I will not let you down because it is the final removal of everything that offends you, and anything that is imperfect ought to offend you, whether it is disease, aging, or lack. When the nature of the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence is offered to you from one who has an Office in the Spiritual Hierarchy which I, Quan Yin do, then it will come into your Electronic Circle and flood you, enfold you, bathe you, and will seek to pass through you. It will seek to cover over every activity in your life and to uncover everything so the Light of your Divinity can make it perfect once again.
There are many seeming forms of healing. Healing is a natural result of the Heart. You can do it in three pieces. Let’s practice:

“The Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. The Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. The Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence.”

Use a quiet voice; love it, be tender, but know Its Power can shake an entire mountain range. The ‘Thunder of the Silence’ is found in the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence. Just love this Gift! You can call to the Master Jesus, His Mother, Mary, or to me, and we will respond to you:

“Fill me overflowing. Fill my Electronic Circle that extends out to twenty-eight feet. Fill me with the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence.”

It will burn through every imperfection that has ever covered over you. It will return perfection to your lives and bodies. Love this one; just love to call it in and say to yourself:

“Beloved Quan Yin, I am ready to behold the Miracle of the Heart of the Sacred Fire of the Great Great Silence acting in my life. I am ready. I am ready. I am ready.”

STAY WITH THIS ONE THREE TIMES A DAY FOR NINETY DAYS and it will correct and change your life. It will chase out of your life
everything that offends Life. Aging and disease are an offence to Life. Be ready. Ask yourself, “Am I ready for Freedom?” How are you going to explain yourself to loved ones in three years from now when you have the appearance of 28 or 22 summers in the garment? Are you sure you want Freedom? Yes? Then the answer is, “I don’t need to be concerned about that because if my young ones ask, then God in me will reveal the perfect answer to them.” I AM Quan Yin, and I thank you.