Ascended Masters Broadcasts

Ascended Masters Broadcasts

Special Address from Mother Akasha and Ascended Master Guests

Scheduled every Friday at 11 a.m. Pacific Time

During these times of changes the Academy is offering a weekly free special Broadcast from some of the Ascended Host, with timely messages to support our continued Spiritual Path of Resurrection. The Ascended Master Broadcasts occur every Fridays at 11 am, Vancouver Pacific Time.

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Downloadable recordings are available
(same link) if you miss the live broadcast. 

We have compiled the Masters’ Discourses in Volumes, each Volume includes 6 broadcasts. Available online in the Special Presentations Category.


December: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 21
Beloved Mary Magdalene – December 3rd 2021: Listen/download
Beloved Mother Mary – December 10th 2021: Listen/download
Beloved Jesus Christ – December 17th 2021: Listen/download
[December 24th no broadcast]
Mother Akasha – December 31st: Listen/download

November: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 20
Beloved Asun – November 5th 2021: Listen/download
Mother Akasha – November 12th 2021: Listen/download
The God Neptune – November 19th 2021: Listen/download
The Great Cosmic Angel – November 26th: Listen/download

October: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 19
Master Great Germain – October 1st 2021: Listen/download
[October 8th no broadcast, CDN Thanksgiving weekend]
Goddess of Harmony – October 15th 2021: Listen/download
Archangel Gabriel – October 22nd 2021: Listen/download
Goddess Rose of Light – October 29th: Listen/download

September: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 18
Goddess of Light – September 10th 2021: Listen/download
God Himalaya – September 17th 2021: Listen/download
Mother Mary – September 24th 2021: Listen/download
Special – Afghanistan Decrees: Listen/download

August: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 17
Papa Asun, Mother Akasha, Mighty Victory, Goddess of Faith

July: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 16
Sanat Kumara, Goddess of Venus, Beloved Polaris, Beloved Quan Yin

June: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 15
Archangel Michael, Lady Nada, Archangel Raphael, Mary Magdalene

May: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 14
Papa Asun, Mother Akasha, Beloved Great Germain, Goddess of Justice

April: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 13
Beloved Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Goddess of Peace

March: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 12
Mother Akasha, Papa Asun, Mother Vesta, Mighty Helios

February: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 11
Goddess of Light, Lord El Morya, Lady Nada, Master Kuthumi

January: Ascended Masters Broadcast – Volume 10
Beloved Mother Akasha, Beloved Papa Asun, Beloved Goddess of Justice, Beloved Master Germain

Special Messages for these times

  • Mighty Victory, March 17 2020  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download
  • Elohim of Purity, March 31 2020  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download
  • Beloved God Harmony, April 7  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download

You may participate via free web link (broadcast or web call options) or phone which may or may not be free depending on your phone service provider, although many international phone numbers are available.

Phone Option (not toll free, check your phone plan with your service provider):
(425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 819752#
Alternate Numbers: (206) 402-0100
Click here for a list of international numbers