Planetary Teleconference

Loving Our Planet Free

Loving Our Planet Free

Visioning and Voicing Calls to Manifest Heaven on Earth!

Join us every Tuesday from around the World as we gather in our homes to make a difference! Become one of our “Spiritual First Responders!”

YOU are invited to join this (free) program from wherever you are on the planet. First responders are the first ones at the scene of an accident or other emergency. We are the “spiritual first responders” – the first ones rushing to the forefront of any situation, calling forth Angelic assistance and Divine intervention! There are half a thousand of us from over 40 countries who do this every Tuesday and you are welcome to join us!

Two Programs: Planetary Calls and Clarion Calls!

Planetary Calls: are offered on the First and Third Tuesday, focusing on many areas around the World that require Divine Intervention: everything from our individual lives to: (a) Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements, (b) All Kingdoms of Life, (c) Peace and Prosperity of the Nations and Regions of the World.

The First and Third Tuesday of every month is a ‘Live’ Teleconference/webcast when Messenger Excalibur leads us over the phone and Internet as we Decree together the Monthly Planetary Calls from our many countries and time zones. We record this for your personal use anytime afterwards throughout the year. The Monthly Planetary PDF (Adobe print file) is also a useful resource for making a few calls each day. Notice if you have a specific cause close to your heart, for example: purification of oceans or economy.

Clarion Calls: are offered on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month and 5th Tuesday when it occurs. They specifically focus upon one topic and current events. For instance, there are a whole set of Calls and Decrees created just for the Earth. Other topics include Global Peace, the Three Americas, the New Earth, Youth, Divine Feminine side of Life, World Leaders, Global Finance and so forth. Each set is approximately 30-50 minutes long, depending upon the pace you give them.

We look forward to having you join this spectacular event which is changing the lives of people all around the world and preparing this planet for the pristine beauty and perfection of the Seventh Golden Age!