Planetary Teleconference

Loving Our Planet Free

Loving Our Planet Free

Join us every Tuesday from around the World as we gather to make a difference!

You are invited to join this (free) program from wherever you are on the planet. We are the “Spiritual First Responders” –  calling forth Angelic assistance and Divine intervention! There are many of us from over 40 countries who do this every Tuesday and you are welcome to join us!

Two Programs: Planetary Calls and Clarion Calls!

Planetary Calls (Live): The First and Third Tuesday of every month is a ‘Live’ Teleconference/webcast lead by Messenger #2 Excalibur over the phone and Internet. These Calls address the most current events. A new Planetary Calls PDF file is provided and available in the Schedule and Decrees below for each Tuesday.

Clarion Calls: They are offered on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Topics include, for example, Global Peace, the Three Americas, the New Earth, Youth, Divine Feminine side of Life, World Leaders, Global Finance and so forth.

Join in ushering in the pristine beauty and perfection of the Seventh Golden Age for this Planet!