Schedule and Decrees

Teleconference Dates and Links
Schedule 6:00 Pacific Time | Time Converter

August 2nd – Live Decree Teleconference
August 9 – Clarion Calls – The Indigenous Peoples
August 16 – Live Decree Teleconference
August 23 – Release New Dispensations

World Calls Decrees for Live Event:
 The links for the Live Teleconference are posted on the last week of each month. 

August 2nd Set 1 PDF Set 1 Replay/download mp3
August 16th Set 2 PDF Set 2 Replay/download mp3
July 5th Set 1 PDF Set 1 Replay/download mp3
July 19th Set 2 PDF Set 2 Replay/download mp3
June 7th Set 1 PDF Set 1 Replay/download mp3
June 21st Set 2 PDF Set 2 Replay/download mp3

Clarion Calls Decree Files (PDF)

Prevent all War Decrees (2022-02-24) Download
Afghanistan Decrees Download
Release New Dispensation Download
Global Peace Download
New Earth Download
The New Generation – Youth Download
The Indigenous Peoples Download
Mother’s presence, Feminine Principle Download
The Three Americas Download


Illumination of Global Leaders Download
The Middle East and Arab Countries Download
World Leaders & Global Finance Download

Special Masters Guest 

  • Beloved Sanat Kumara, December 7, 2021 (from Planetary Calls) – Listen/download
  • Beloved Neptune, November 2, 2021  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download
  • Beloved Helios, November 16, 2021 (from Planetary Calls) – Listen/download
  • Mighty Victory, March 17 2020  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download
  • Elohim of Purity, March 31 2020  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download
  • Beloved God Harmony, April 7  (from Planetary Calls)  – Listen/download

Bonus Decrees:
“Help the Water Element” and “Balance the Power of Nature”: Download PDF file