Master Jesus, the Golden Sun’s Presence within

Categories: Messages from the Masters


You have remembered me, and I have remembered you. Since Life has given me my Freedom in the Ascension I have always poured the Sun of my Love to the Earth to those who would receive, to those who would ignore, to those who would love me, and to those who would deny me. My Love has poured like the eternal sunshine of your Physical Sun. It does not discriminate and pours equally upon all.

Each of you is now harvesting a Golden Sun’s Presence unfelt by your feeling side of life and unseen by the physical sight, for until the hour comes where all shadows that have collected in the mental and feeling side of life are removed by the Sacred Fire, one cannot feel and one cannot see. Yet it is better that this be hidden until the hour when you cannot hide it any longer. Each of you has received and accepted the knowledge of the Sacred Fire and your life that you have been dying lifetimes to live. After my own path of demonstration each of you will be among the first to demonstrate that death is dead and is no more. You must be the proof and my Lantern is to be upon you to ensure that the secret sacred seeds of the Eternal Trinity grow within your chest to three Mighty Flames that begin to feed a Golden Sun’s Presence of such Light and Love that shall grow such magnificent constructive activities in this world.

The Individualization of God of each of you is a Sun’s Presence that delivered your life unto this world. You have been given the sacred image of the Individualization of God in the Chart. You have come to understand that you are the outpicturing of this I AM God Presence which is the Source of your own mighty Sun that you are to draw upon and keep filling yourself with Its Light. Much is being done now so you may draw forth the Limitless Light of your Sun’s Presence. I have taught you before and you have sufficiently remembered that the day comes quickly when your Mighty ‘I AM’ is a Sun’s Presence providing all constructive life for you to use. It is your destiny to make of your life, as I did, a Glorious Sun’s Presence to all life upon this Earth and to acknowledge and love that Golden Sun’s Presence growing inside you. It is your privilege and right to demand that Sun’s Presence within you to expand and release its Shadowless Light into your life, your world, and activities.

As your Consciousness is given its freedom, this Golden Sun’s Presence within you will follow your Consciousness as it envelops your Planet and radiates its Shadowless Light upon this Planet. All those who have served the sinister force, and the sinister force itself will not stand the Shadowless Light that your Mighty Inner Sun’s Presence has come to offer Life.


I made a promise to you and this promise is forever with you. If you invite me to enter into this Golden Sun’s Presence, and it makes no difference if it is only the size of a grapefruit, I will miniaturize myself and if you desire, I will enter into your inner Sun’s Presence and have church with you there inside. I promise you, I will come, and every time I come I will help you to expand that inner Sun’s Presence. Remember Beloved Hearts, since my Ascension I have continuously offered the Love and the Light of the Sun’s Presence that my Life has become. The more you have the opportunity to radiate, to pour forth, and direct this magnificent Golden Sun’s Presence within you until it passes through all life upon this Earth, then it is the very nature of directing that Sun’s Presence and commanding it to expand and to charge your families, loved ones, affairs, and all your activities with that Sun’s Presence that feeds, forces, and compels all life to be constructive.

I have kept my promise (to Sanat Kumara) and I came to your Earth. I demonstrated what is to be your destiny fulfilled and what is to be your purpose upon this Earth. I prophesized that even though shadows would hunger to hide my Light, no matter the centuries that would pass, my Light would find its way into the lives of some of the citizens of this world who would heed my words and understand my purpose and see that I have set upon the Earth an opportunity to rise without falling again, an opportunity that is the Resurrection. If you feel that I have not personally invited you upon this path of Resurrection, then I formally invite each of you to take a good God footing upon the path of Resurrection.

Know that you are our dear friends of the Light and we so desire to hold so close to you. Yet the Law is the Law and it is the reason why that for so many centuries when we stood in the foothills of your lives that I had to turn away knowing you were not ready; now you are ready. It takes a very brave citizen upon Earth who, lifetime after lifetime, has made themself something that they are truly not and then to take that journey back to the authenticity of their beingness. The journey is before you. You have passed through passages and now it is my time to stay in the Fifth Dimension and come every day into your dimension and overlight you, hear your calls, and ensure this path of Resurrection raises you out of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and ends this nonsense, this nightmare upon the Earth.

Let the seed of the Tree of Life I sent to David and carried through the life of Solomon flourish in each of you now. Be the branch and until Christ emerges in you, lean upon me. I will be your Christ for another few seasons until your Christ Self emerges in you, then we shall populate this Planet. One Tree of Life that the dark side sought to destroy, yet could not be destroyed, survived two thousand years ago. I AM that Tree of Life. I AM the Branch. I AM the Tree. I AM the Roots. I AM One with the Heavenly Father and I use this as the kindest pressure upon your life. Allow Mother Akasha, myself, and the Angels to help you grow within you the Tree of Life for the world requires your foliage, fruit, and branches. You will demonstrate and silence the false prophets that are too many upon this Planet at this hour and you will fulfill all that the Eye of God showed to me in my prophecies.

I leave you with a personal note. Let me get as close to you as I possibly can and let me sign off now with this message as I reach into your hearts and lives:

“You have heard my words that there shall be those who will follow me. They shall find the true meaning of my words and shall recognize my Light. When I come upon them they shall accept my Lantern and carry it within their Hearts and my Lantern will fulfill in them that Greater Powers will they demonstrate in this world than my own. I call them the Untouchables.”

I leave you with this remembrance. I, Jesus Christ, say to you, you are the fulfilment of my life. You are my Untouchables. May each of you love to make of your life such a Glorious Golden Sun’s Presence that so loves to nurture, feed, and look after everything constructive in this world. Let your being demonstrate that your life is a majority with God. I will love you until you give me my Freedom to leave your Earth and return to my people in the Golden Shrine Galaxy. Yet that is not to be for ten thousand years, so you will have to just get used to me coming closer and closer into your lives until together, hand in hand, we walk through the mighty gates of Freedom and Victory.

I thank you Beloved Untouchables as Gods remembering yourselves. May the Flame of Redemption empower each of you to offer redemption to those who are yet lost. I AM Jesus. I thank you.