Meditations – A Gift of Review

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Meditations…A Gift of Review


Foundations in the “Practitioner’s Treatment” and other Tree of Life Teachings in Meditating to “Make Personal and Direct Contact with the Presence of God”

As the Great Lord Maitreya has guided, “Even the most advanced student is compelled to review the most basic teachings. Foundations are vital. To attain Higher Attainments of Creation, review.” And as perhaps His most famous student, Jesus the Christ, has shared, “Beloved Students of Life, it is I, Jesus, and I do greet you in that way, and please know that in My Own Station to Life do I yet see Myself as a student, for this is the wisest place within which to anchor one’s Consciousness. This is the Nature of Our Universe: Constant Evolution. There is always more.” May this series of review documents assist your own journey of evolution and always becoming more, touching the lives of all those whom you love and all those with whom we share the Great Miracle of Life upon this good Earth.



This Gift comprises of Seven “Meditations – A Gift of Review”

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Summary of Contents

Part One | Mother Akasha: On the Value of Contemplative Meditation as the ‘Link’ between your outer life and your inner Self, which is God

Part Two | Mother Akasha: The Practitioner’s Contemplation, a Gentle Companion to the Practitioner’s Treatment: Who is this ‘I’ That I AM?

Part Three | The Voice of the I AM that I AM: Who is this “I AM” God Presence with which I AM seeking to make Personal and Direct Contact?

Part Four | The Princess Mary Magdalene: “The Moment to be an ‘Empty Cup’ is now!”

Part Five | Mother Akasha: On the Importance of Engaging a Rich, Soulful Meditation Self-Talk: A
Foundational Sampling of Inner Dialogues in the Practitioner’s Treatment

Part Six | Mother Akasha: On the Power of Punctuating Your Rich, Soulful Self-Talk: Closing Words for use in the Practitioner’s Treatment and Other Meditations

Part Seven | Mother Akasha: In the Practitioner’s Treatment and Other Meditations: Welcoming a “New Life by Grace” through three New Activities