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Mother Akasha… The capacities of a human being are vast

Apr 26, 2021 | Ascended Master Quotes

Mother Akasha…

The capacities of a human being are vast beyond that which humanity presently perceives. You are truly multi-dimensional beings and the power of life is within your hearts and feelings where your human will abides. Due to the loss of true knowledge on this planet, for centuries of time you have given your power away. You have created many limiting appearances in your lives. There are many individuals whose lives are out of control, and most of this is because humans created a belief in two powers, and therefore gave up on their own knowingness and spiritual connection.

We will tell you this–you are spiritual beings! Your life has never begun in time; it has never ended. The Flame of your life was actually created long before you came to this planet. Since your first physical embodiment, you have long existed in time/space configurations. In all of your lifetimes in physical worlds, you have stepped down your consciousness and life stream and you have taken on physical bodies; yes, you have been in this world many, many times.

For many of you now, often society and the gloom of the world out there no longer satisfies–you want answers. You are not willing to give up. You are not willing to stay home, say nothing, and become victimized by the choices that your governments and others are making. You are not willing to be further victimized by the choices of those who seek to control you such as your educational systems and your financial institutions. Furthermore, you are not so quick any more to just go along with what your corporate and media world presents to you. Good for you, for those who are constructive and choose to go beyond the mass consciousness, are going to receive much greater assistance now from invisible forces of light.

Beloved ones, if you only knew about some of the drugs that some are taking into their bodies these days that are disturbing it. I am not just speaking of recreational drugs either. Beloved ones, health is not a difficult problem. It begins with ownership. It begins by you recognizing that you are life, and inherent within your life are all the divine qualities, which you would so easily give to something outside of yourself as your present understanding of God. This wonderful God that people have worshipped for life is right inside your heart, and so are all the assets and attributes of God Source waiting to be realized and made active by you.

Your very own heart governs the life that is within you 

You are a creator race born from divine intelligence and you are made of the same essence, and the same substance. Your very own heart governs the life that is within you. Soon humanity will have the knowledge, that existing within the physical heart is a Flame that cannot be seen by the outer sight of the average human eye. In Cosmic terms, it is referred to as The Great Love Flame and even though you may not yet comprehend Its Source, within that Flame is Life, the Divine Universal Life that you call God. Its nature is omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. This is your true Life, Eternal and Divine.

When an individual begins to once again acknowledge and accept that their life force that beats the human heart is the gift of life itself, then the evolution of that one begins to accelerate. What do you think? Do you take it for granted there is something beating that heart of yours inside your physical body? Do you believe your heart just beats by itself? Do you believe you are given a certain amount of life stream, and that you will live on this world for threescore years and ten, and then eventually your heart will stop? Of course, everything depends on what you think and believe, now doesn’t it?”

**Excerpted from: Lovers Path to Enlightenment