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My Reflections…

Oct 26, 2020 | Reflections by Asun

With the current viral storm that is in your world and the potential for more storms coming, the world seems to be becoming a dangerous place for human beings. Truly it is time for spiritual beings to emerge and radiate your Light to the world.

I see a collaboration of corruption in the highest levels of big pharma, business, banking and governments. And from these many interactive agencies, I see that fear is what they are selling and from that fear comes their desire to control humanity in the most devastating ways. Yet I know the Ascended Host know, the Angels know, that there are more than enough decent and honest citizens in the world who will find their voice and I trust – all of us living in the 5thDimension of your planet – we trust that ALL that has been hidden too long will be revealed and the light of truth will prevail.

Whilst these things play out in your world, each of you will find your individual safety and the eventual safety of your people of earth. In all your efforts to continue to spiritualize your life, your consciousness and as you do so to realize deeply your ability to transform your physical garments, your bodies, to be their mighty intended instruments of Light and Love; Bodies filled with such God Radiance that the terrible things in the outer world can no longer touch them.

So indeed, perhaps the time has come for all spiritual paths to be honoured and for people everywhere to take the time and effort to spiritualize their lives with truths. To turn within, to turn upwards to use their free will to welcome from their own Higher Self, the I AM God Presence and the God Presence within. Such a mighty outpouring of Light and Love to unfold within themselves. It is indeed time.

As each of make contact with your own inner true God divinity that is too long been hidden in this world, you will find that the Great Master Presence of Life within each of you will be your most wonderful safety net. I encourage each of you to realize that with every spiritual activity that you embrace, this shall lift and raise you above the discord of the outer world. I would remind you all that in the student dashboard of the Radiant Rose Academy you will find many of the messages from the Ascended Host that have been posted there and equally important you will find many prayers and decrees to the Heavenly Host inviting dispensations for divine intervention to come to your earth, opening the way for the greater presence of uncountable angels to come in and assist you all at this time.

I know only LOVE for each of you! Papa Asun