I was at the Conclave and feel it was the most amazing Miracle yet. For the first time I feel at ease and absorbed the presentations, being able to tangibly know that this is a new platform. I experienced without a doubt a depth that was so enlivening. If ever I had doubt it was gone now. I had the great pleasure to thank the messenger and look for a moment of grace into Beloved Excalibur’s eyes. It was beyond word a depth of Being that I had never seen in any eyes. The memory of this gift has spurned me on to follow our Masters and messengers as committed as possible. Things are now revealing themselves in experience and that is undeniable. We are so blessed by all and there is so much to receive. The Academy family is real and I love all that are making it so. Thank you with all my heart. I am a Rose laughing out from the bitter snow of the past and loving the sun shine of the Mother’s Presence in spring.