The Lost Knowledge is one of the best books I have ever read. It contains very profound but simple revelations hidden to us. For instance, the real mission of Jesus the Christ, who came to teach us who we really are, with some practical exercises to be as powerful as Him (the sacred fire purification, where our higher Self and our Supreme Intelligence are, to incorporate our three bodies in just one to be as before and be more precise in our actions, balance our thoughts and our feelings. Repeating the statement I AM THAT I AM with some melody that could come from our heart, to ask mother Akasha and Jesus to help us, to receive responses not from our ego but from our Self, the encounter of master Maitreya and Jesus and others). All of us were deceived to believe in the Holy Bible which is 65% altered from its original version. In that sense, I strongly suggest to read this book to all serious spiritual seeker all over the world.