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Colostrum & Vita C-LD

Radiant Rose Academy and Sovereign Laboratories
An Affiliate Program

To purchase go directly to our Supplier here

Due to new Health Canada regulations, we can only bring in small amounts of Colostrum and Vitamin C Liposomal Delivery which is not enough to supply our larger Student Body. We have now entered into a new Affiliate Program with the supplier ‘Sovereign Laboratories’, so that Students can purchase their Colostrum and Vitamin C requirements along with other wonderful health products, directly from Sovereign Laboratories. When Students use the link provided to purchase their products, Sovereign pays the Academy a Commission on Sales, which supports your Academy. As you may know, Sovereign produces the best Colostrum and the best Vitamin C, both are Liposomal Delivery, ensuring these supplements are transported directly into our body cells, where they do the remarkable work of providing the greatest health benefits. You may order your Colostrum and Vita C-LD in the Health and Wellness area of our online store. You will be linked directly to our Supplier. Once you arrive at the their site you will be asked to login to create your own account.

To purchase go directly to our Supplier here

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