Our Products - Music

The Radiant Rose Academy is blest to feature the amazing Spiritual Music of World Class Musicians. From Canada we feature the music of Paul Armitage who brings forth the Instrumental Music of the Celestial Spheres. From Ireland, we feature the music of Denise Hagan whose voice provides us with the most beautiful heart/soul music available. From New York, we present the music of Kemi Nahal whose pure Angelic voice celebrates the I AM God Presence, the Angelic and Ascended Host. From California, we present the lovely full spectrum joyous music of Magic Moreno. From Canada, comes the astounding voice of Judy Armstrong that brings happiness to your heart. You can listen to their music sampler videos here in the Online Store and read about their music and work in The Academy Musicians Section of our Sanctuary. You will also find the Original Music of other various Artists who have gifted us with their music and songs, singing at many of our Events.