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A Soul’s Journey

Welcome to A Soul’s Journey… Align With Your Diamond Potential! You can listen to the music just for your enjoyment to create MORE love, joy and serenity in your life. You can also utilize it as a tool to open up pathways within your heart, mind and body allowing you to connect with your Soul’s Essence and help you co-create the Diamond Life™ you really desire!

Each music track correlates with a Universal Energy Form or the Universal Manifestation Template of The Diamond Co-Creative System™. The Universal Energy Forms also Work with your Chakras and Bodies to help you heal, grow and expand.

  • Track 1. Foundation in Key of C: Root Chskra & Physical Body
  • Track 2. Creation in Key of D: Sacral Chakra & Astral Body
  • Track S. Power in Key of 5: Solar Plexus Chakra & Spiral Body
  • Track 4. Compassion in Key of Fl. Heart (Feminine) Chakra & Emotional Body
  • Track 5. Anchor in Key of F#: Heart (Masculine) Chakra & Spiritual/Etheric Body
  • Track G. Expression in Key of G: Throat Chakra & Karmic/Causal Body
  • Track 7. Receive in Key of A: Third Eye (Feminine) Chakra & Gravitational Body
  • Track 8: Manifest in Key of A#: Third Eye (Masculine) Chakra & Mental Body
  • Track 9: Connection in Key of B: Crown Chskra & Celestial Body
  • Track 10: Universal Manifestation Template in Key of D#: Unification to Create Your MORE!

All music composed and performed by Paul Armitage.