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There is one 2 hour class every month.
Admission to attend this class is free if you Subscribe to all 4 Classes.
If you do not subscribe to all 4 Classes, admission is by donation.
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Discover And Experience…

  • How to raise your Vibration of Energy
  • Your Power of Focus and Concentration
  • How to activate an Energy Shift
  • The responding Activity of the Elements
  • How to use your Power of Intention and Attention
  • How to change the energy of appearances and limitations
  • How to work with the One Power Principle

Receive The Answers…

  • What is Sacred Alchemy?
  • How to work with the Magic Presence?
  • What is the Universal T Force?
  • What are the Laws of Transformation?
  • What are the Laws of Transmutation?
  • What are the Laws of Transfiguration?
  • Who is the Ascended Master Alchemist?
  • What are the Sacred Flames and Rays of Alchemy?

Would you like to receive the Higher Secret Knowledge that at one time was only available in Ancient Inner Schools of Wisdom?

  • Do you desire to receive Teachings and Divine Intervention from The Masters of Alchemy?
  • Would you like to unleash the inherent hidden Power of the Spoken Word?
  • Study the Magic Presence of the Inner Heart Flame?
  • Would you like to learn the laws of Sacred Alchemy and Divine Magic?
  • Learn how to align your mind with the Masters of the Universe!
  • Would you like to release yourself from the limitations duality consciousness?
  • Would you like to discover the hidden messages and codes behind the writings of William Shakespeare?

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