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Recorded in January of 2002, like Resurrection above, Healing of the Divine Mother was a musical invocation performed in concert, to a small group of thirty people, who collectively assisted in holding the space to receive this music, a signature of great emotional depth and power. Performed and channeled spontaneously by Paul Armitage, Healing of the Divine Mother is a musical tribute honouring the Divine Feminine as an essential and integral part of Self.
Healing of the Divine Mother, musically and energetically, works at a very deep level in aligning, balancing and integrating the emotional body, to assist the individual in reclaiming full conscious awareness of our Divine Will as expressed through the Feeling Body. Divine Mother is a powerful tool for healing in the most gentle and peaceful way, old emotional blocks that may impede our ability to move forward in stepping fully into our Divine Blueprint. Very soothing and uplifting.