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Book: Mother Mary ~ I come to hold my Love around you
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Mother Akasha
Some time has passed since Mother Mary entered the center of the Universe. She came into the Great Central Sun and there meditated within the Heart Flames of Creation. She held that sacred space and meditated upon the 75 Gifts She desired to give this student body. 55 Gifts in total have been presented.

I called Mary into the Central Sun and spoke with Her. I asked Her to reveal to me the remaining 20 Gifts, and I made a suggestion to Her, and of course, She said, “Whatever you wish, we will do.”

I asked Her to seal Her Gifts at 55, which is a sacred number, and to return to the Great Central Sun and there birth the remaining 20 Gifts in the Sacred Silence of the Great Central Sun. Because of who She is, and because of who Her Son is, Mary can come to you enter into your sacred meditations to greet and meet the Grand Cosmic Being within you, and She can birth those remaining 20 Gifts within your heart and feeling side of life during your sacred meditations. (Her remaining 20 Gifts are listed on page 192.)

I hope you will hold sacred all of Mother Mary’s Gifts She has presented to you. Welcome Her, for we love Her for who She is. I AM Akasha. May the blessings of life be upon each of you.