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Passport to God, Vol. 1

392  pages, Soft Cover, Perfect Bound. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 in.

Welcome to your ‘Passport to God’, a book of Mighty Spiritual Truths as Revealed by the Great Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and Cosmic Beings Who are here to help the People of Earth in this Seventh Golden Age. Born of the Ancient Tree of Life Teachings once offered in the Great Himalayan Mystery Schools, these Powerful Truths are for anyone and everyone who holds a desire in their Heart for more Love inside themselves and more Love in our world.

For those journeying the Path of Resurrection to restore the Great I AM Christ Presence that abides within and above each of us, these Truths also provide a point of Sacred Reconnection to All-That-Is Divine. Here, your ‘Passport to God’ introduces the ‘Practitioner’s Treatment’, a unique form of meditation marrying the Activities of Spiritual Truth and the Sacred Silence to support a journey within to the Core of one’s Consciousness, where the Divine Experience captured in this Golden Truth awaits: ‘Direct and Personal Contact with God is available in the Silence of a Moment.’