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Passport to God

Mother Akasha and Master Asun welcome you to an amazing weekend of embracing all 3 ways of entering the Sacred Silence for a Personal and Direct Contact with God: One Moment in Time, Seven Sacred Moments, and the Practitioners Treatment. Their Special Guests include: Grandmaster Melchizedek, the Goddess of Venus, the Goddess Himalaya known to us as the ‘Evening Rose’, Archangel Chamuel and the Goddess of Music.

Archangel Chamuel’s name means: ‘One who seeks God’ | Chamuel offers His Deep Inspiration to achieve a closer Relationship with God | Melchizedek offers understanding and His Gift of Righteousness | Goddess Himalaya anchors the Roots of God within us | Goddess Venus: I AM the Branch, Christ is the Tree, God is the Roots in which I AM grounded | Mother Akasha offers a Passage into the Silence through Waves of Her Divine Love | Master Asun reveals how to stay open and receptive to the ‘Sounds of Silence’ | Goddess of Music anchors the Celestial Sounds of Silence in our feelings.