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The Ascended Masters – Outpouring of Light (PDF)

Description: 120 pages, PDF
FULL COLOUR!  | PDF version

Twice a year, for 49 consecutive days we are offered a glorious opportunity to receive Divine Intervention from the Ascended and Angelic Host. These are the greatest concentrated time periods of a concentrated outpouring of Light to the Earth from the Ascended Masters. Of all Planetary Cycles that release greater Light upon our Planet, the Ascended Masters Outpouring of Light are the longest Cycles in which great Cosmic Light Rays are sweeping the atmosphere of the Earth, entering into the mental and feeling side of Life regardless of whether individuals are awakened or not.

During those days, which occur twice a year, this book can help you to consciously connect with the Ascended Master of the day, and receive the great outpouring of the Masters’ Blessings.