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Viral/Fungal, Herbal Tincture 50 ml

This Viral/Fungal herbal formula is scientifically designed, utilizing the traditional use of herbal medicine to act as anti-septic agents to relieve and prevent infections.

Product Highlights:

  • Prevent or limit on-coming viral and fungal infections
  • Effectively eliminate current infections, both on the skin and inside the body
  • Treat recurrent or difficult infective patterns and symptoms
  • Reduce symptoms of infection, such as mucus, inflammation, and pain.

It supports the body by not only helping to destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria, but also improves the function of the immune system as a whole. This formula also repairs damage to tissue caused by invading microbes and makes the tissue stronger which helps the body to ward off further microbial attacks.

This formula includes herbs that clean and detoxify the lymphatic system which is a very important action of this formula. Viruses and bacteria not only infect us, they release many toxins into our body that can also make us ill. Our body uses the lymphatic system to clean up these toxins and if the lymphatic system is not clean and healthy, it cannot do its job effectively and thus the body will struggle harder and longer to get well. Our lymphatic system also assists us to defend against invading microbes and helps us to prevent illnesses.

An over-burdened lymphatic system also contributes to cellulite formation because cellulite is formed by these un-eliminated toxic wastes. Other conditions that result from an unhealthy lymphatic system are glandular disorders and arthritis.

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